Daily API RoundUp: Peddle, Meisterplan, Synchro MSP, OMERO, Benzinga

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Science, and Mapping. Highlights include APIs from U.S. Veterans Affairs and an API that returns data and visualizations about agricultural crops. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Climate Fieldview provides crop performance analysis, field health imagery, variable rate prescriptions, fertility management, data connectivity, and data visualization for farms. The Climate FieldView Platform APITrack this API retrieves crop performance in agricultural fields, based on climate conditions. Manage argonomic data such as field boundries, field data, Resource owner, and farm organization data. This API is listed under Agriculture.

Visualize agriculture field data with the Climate Fieldview API

Visualize agriculture field data with the Climate Fieldview API. Screenshot: The Climate Corporation

ChatShipper enables multi-channel messaging in chat contact center applications. The APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically retrieve resources including user information, user avatars, organizations, workflows, and bots. Additionally, the ChatShipper API can be used to manage conversations, list messages, retrieve attachments, and perform contact search. This API is listed in the Messaging category on ProgrammableWeb.

Meisterplan offers cloud Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software. The Meisterplan APITrack this API enables developers to integrate the service into other applications and manage projects and their details, milestones, allocations, financials, and more. This API is listed in the Project Management category.

Syncro is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Platform that offers alternatives to integrate with Microsoft Teams, WooCommerce, and credit card processing systems. The Syncro APITrack this API lets users manage appointments, payments, invoicing, credit card payments, help desk, users, vendors, email marketing and more. This API is the the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) category.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers APIs to integrate with services. VA Community Care Eligibility APITrack this API retrieves data to serve veterans with community care eligibility, healthcare facilities, and average drive time calculation. The VA Veteran Verification APITrack this API allows confirming the Veteran status for a given person, or retrieve a Veteran's service history or disability rating. The two APIs work in conjunction and are listed in the Government category.

Open Microscopy provides tools to support data management for microscopy. The OMERO APITrack this API allows developers to manage, visualize, and analyze microscopy images and associated metadata in their applications. This platform is designed to operate with existing commercial software. The API is listed in the Science category.

AfterShip API supports shipment tracking and notifications for over 670 couriers worldwide. Get the latest delivery results and notify customers of delivery updates. V4 of the Aftership APITrack this API provides methods for managing couriers, trackings, last checkpoint, and notifications. Find this API in the Shipping category.

MazeMap provides indoor way-finding functionalities designed for large building complexes, such as universities, hospitals, conference venues, shopping malls, offices, and airports. MazeMap Data APITrack this API integrates indoor mapping and navigation with applications. This platform supports multiple information sources, works with facility management systems, and supports timetables and booking systems. The API is listed in Mapping.

Add indoor maps to apps as in this University of Virginia Health Systems map via MazeMaps API

Add indoor maps to apps as in this University of Virginia Health Systems map via MazeMaps API. Image: MazeMaps

Peddle is a platform for selling and buying cars online. Peddle enables sellers to receive offers instantly based on their car details. The Peddle APITrack this API enables developers to access car sales information such as seller accounts, offers, and sales lead data. Peddle agents inspect the car locally and verify its condition, prepare Documentation, and pay the seller on the spot. The API is listed in the Auto category.

Benzinga provides financial market data services. The Benzinga APITrack this API offers financial reports retrieved from breaking news for investors. Get data about dividends, earnings, future earnings dates, economics, guidance, IPOs, ratings, retail sales, and splits, plus historical data, financial ratios, earning reports, and more with the API, which is listed in the Financial category.

Experitest provides a platform for end-to-end mobile application and cross-browser testing. The Experitest REST APITrack this API returns continuous testing data for web and mobile development with methods for managing users, devices and applications. This API if filed under Testing.

Bulk Hackers provides interviews about bodybuilding, training, and fitness. The Bulk Hackers Fitness Quotes REST APITrack this API returns motivating quotes from fitness and sports instructor interviews. This API is listed in Fitness.

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