Daily API RoundUp: Pine Labs, Amentum, Renderforest, Resonance Audio

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Boating, Environment, and Artificial Intelligence. Featured today is an API for automated form data input and an API for airspace management for drones. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Pine Labs is a provider of a full- Stack merchant Platform that offers payment and analysis services. The PineLabs Payment Gateway API allows users to integrate with PineLabs Payment Gateway to receive payments from customers via card, net banking, wallets, UPI and more. The API features methods for all steps of the payment process, transaction type such as purchase, pre-auth and capture, plus Android SDK Integration and more. This API is listed in the Payments category.

Resonance Audio is spatial audio technology that replicates how real sound waves interact with human ears and the environment. It is supported by gaming, audio, and certain application development platforms. The Resonance Audio API provides indirect access to a number of SDKs, including Resonance Audio C++ SDK, Resonance Audio Unreal SDK, Resonance Audio Wwise SDK, Resonance Audio Unity SDK, Resonance Audio FMOD SDK, Resonance Audio Android SDK (Google VR Audio), Resonance Audio iOS SDK, and Resonance Audio JavaScript SDK. The SDKs allow users to integrate the audio technology with popular game engines, audio engines, and digital audio workstations. Resonance Audio is an open source project initially from Google. Check out the video (below) for a demonstration.

Add spatial audio features to games and apps with Resonance Audio SDKs

Add spatial audio features to games and apps with Resonance Audio SDKs. Image: Google/Resonance Audio

Video: YouTube/Google AR & VR

FillAware provides services for forms and automated data input. The FillAware API provides indirect access to the service via several SDKs in Java, iOS, and JavaScript languages. The API aids application users with data entry time reduction, user error (typo) elimination, and Big Data implementation. It is listed in the Forms category on ProgrammableWeb.

Internet Video Archive (IVA) Entertainment API is a database for all movie, TV and game metadata. It provides data and metadata on over 170K movies, millions of TV episodes, and thousands of games. Data is updated continually. Data points include availability on various streaming platforms, trending titles, ratings, and video content. The IVA Entertainment API is listed under the Entertainment category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Entertainment APIs.

Chain Query Bitcoin API uses JSON- RPC format to return bitcoin data including transactions, encrypting wallet, estimate fees, balances, Blockchain info, messages, wallet passphrase and much more. It is listed in the Bitcoin category.

Altitude Angel provides support services and software to integrate drones safely into the sky. The GuardianUTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) OS is the company's airspace management and integration platform for drones. The Altitude Angel GuardianUTM API allows users to send and receive data about drone operations, environment, regulations, hazards and more. The API features methods for weather, area report, map data and space weather. This API is listed under the Robots category.

Introducing GuardianUTM O/S: The Airspace Management Operating System Video: YouTube/Altitude Angel

United States Forest Service (USFS) manages public lands in national forests and grasslands, which encompass 193 million acres. The USFS Major Fires API provides access to forest service data and logs Current Large Incidents. The data is available as a single day KMZ, or a remote CSV. This service retrieves any day of logged large incidents and returns it as geoJSON. It returns the object of a parameter date's large fire incidents in JSON or JSONP. It is listed in the Environment category.

Boats Group is a recreational marine industry service that operates Boat Trader, YachtWorld, boats.com, Cosas De Barcos, and YachtCloser. The Boats Group Inventory API provides detailed boating and boat sales related information. This interface supports methods to perform searches, and access resources in several standard units of length and currencies. It is filed under the Boating category.

Little Hotelier offers front desk and reservation systems for small hotels. The Little Hotelier Rates API provides access to rate and availability information. Hotels and hotel groups can use this information to build their own availability pages. This is a RESTful API that can return results in JSON or XML format and is filed in the Hotels category.

Renderforest is a video production platform designed to create videos, slideshows, music visualizations, whiteboard animations, logos and more for private or business use. The Renderforest API provides broadcast-quality video editing tools. The interface enables access to projects, renders, sound data, templates, and user information. This API is listed in the Video category.

The Real Estate Gallery Toolkit is one of many services Renderforest offers

The Real Estate Gallery Toolkit is one of many services Renderforest offers. Screenshot: Renderforest

Vemity is a provider of artificial intelligence and deep learning that offers AI tools for classification, regression analysis, and forecasting. The Vemity API is used to incorporate artificial intelligence in any project by creating, training, and connecting models. The Vemity API is filed under Artificial Intelligence.

Wibson is a blockchain-based Decentralized marketplace that enables data brokerage by allowing developers to select data offers based on price. Once transactions are completed, individuals are paid in WIB, the Wibson cryptocurrency token. Developers have access to Wibson SDKs with specific functionalities.

Amentum Aerospace is a provider of modeling software and web APIs for space operations and research. We have added some Amentum APIs to our Science category.

Amentum Cosmic Ray API validates predictive models of cosmic radiation in the Earth's atmosphere. The API calculates radiation doses and other quantities on a particular date, latitude, longitude, and altitude. This API is useful for estimation of ionising radiation hazards on aircrew, pilots, and frequent flyers.

Amentum Atmosphere API provides accurate data of density, composition, and temperature of the Earth's atmosphere based on the NRLMSISE-00 model. The NRLMSISE-00 model was developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory. This model enables the computation of MSIS parameters: neutral temperature, exospheric temperature, densities of He, O, N2, O2, Ar, H, N, and total mass density.

Amentum World Magnetic Model API calculates the intensity and direction of the Earth's magnetic field on a specific date-time, geodetic altitude, latitude, and longitude. It is relied upon throughout the world for navigation, mineral exploration, atmospheric and space science, and is installed on billions of devices.

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