Daily API RoundUp: Ping Identity, Monetha, CloudAMQP, CarNET, QuantumDigital

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Shipping, Identity, and Blockchain. Featured today is an API that identifies car make and model from a photograph, and an API that determines risk based on buyer reputation. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Ping Identity provides intelligent identity and security services. PingOne for Customers is a cloud-based service for secure identity access management. The PingOne for Customers Management API allows users to manage authorization, Authentication, permissions, and application sign-on policies. Get data about active identities, and manage image resources, applications, environments, branding, configurations, audit reporting and more with the API. European version of the API is also available. This API is listed in the Identity category.

CarNET provides a service to identify vehicle make, model and generation by photo recognition. The CarNET API provides results of 97% accuracy for most cars built since 1995. The service recognizes 300 car brands and 2500 models. The CarNET API is listed under the Recognition category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Recognition APIs.

departureboard.io REST API provides live departure information for train services across the United Kingdom. The API sources data in the background from the National Rail SOAP API, and in turn provides a RESTful way to get up-to-date, accurate rail information. The departureboard.io API is listed under the Transportation category.

Monetha is a transparent and censorship resistant reputation Platform which securely stores relevant information about a potential buyer before initiating a transaction. The Monetha API returns JSON data associated with profiles, events, deals, and users. The Monetha Webhooks API creates in-app notifications for integrated payment gateways. Monetha can be used on any website or service, is cross-platform, and offers public and verifiable interactions. The Monetha APIs are listed under the Reputation category.

Rush South Africa is a courier and delivery service. The RESTful Rush South Africa API enables users to access parcel booking features, with methods for cost comparison based on size, weight, destination, insurance options, etc. The Rush South Africa API is listed under the Shipping category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Shipping APIs.

QuantumDigital is targeted direct marketing to accelerate sales and engagement for real estate agents and small to medium businesses. The QuantumDigital API provides fulfillment of commercial printing and direct mail applications including mailing list provisioning. The QuantumDigital API is listed under the Printing category.

CloudAMQP allows for hosted message queues enabling developers to pass messages between processes and other systems. The CloudAMQP API integrates RabbitMQ cluster management with applications. The API returns JSON formatted information associated with nodes, plugins, firewall settings, and actions. The CloudAMQP Webhooks API integrates real-time notifications in CloudAMQP enabled applications. Both APIs are filed under the Messaging category.

Ixian is a Decentralized streaming platform that enables fast and secure data transmission between users. The Ixian API is utilized to manage wallet transactions, calculate fees, get balances, obtain block data, and perform client-related operations. The API returns JSON formatted data. The Ixian API is listed under the Blockchain category.

BOLT is free email validation for applications and websites. BOLT by Aiko AI API enables users to make sure emails exist and are in use with the BOLD AI-powered validator. The API will check with a user's email provider directly to verify that the mailbox exists, and check online using a custom AI model to give the email a deliverability score. BOLT is FREE for Makers and also offers paid business plans. It is filed under the Email category.

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