Daily API RoundUp: Pipedream, Facesoft, Versa Cloud, Attio, Zebra

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Data Mining, Recognition, and Customer Relationship Management. Highlights include an API that provides tracking data on recent diseases and an API for creating and managing data pipelines. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


The Weather Company from IBM provides weather services to help consumers and businesses make smart decisions. The Weather Company Disease Tracker APITrack this API allows you to track the progression of a disease for a given location. It provides information regarding active diseases including confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries over a period of up to 60 days in the past. The guide describes common elements, Error Handling, language support and terminology. This API is listed in the Weather category.

Zebra provides inventory management and analytics for retail, warehouse and distribution centers, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. The Zebra APITrack this API can be used to generate 1D or 2D barcode images that can be printed or scanned across 103 barcode types like QR Code, UPC, Code 128, and Data Matrix. Barcode images can be easily embedded. The API is listed in the Inventory category.

Zebra API is for generating barcodes

Zebra API can generate various barcodes for inventory purposes. Screenshot: Zebra Technologies

Pipedream allows developers to build and run workflows that integrate applications, data, and APIs. The Pipedream APITrack this API enables developers to create and manage users, sources, and source events. Data can be integrated from Google Cloud, WordPress, Slack, Azure, Twilio, Stripe, GitHub, GitLab, AWS, Salesforce, Shopify, and many others. This API is listed in the Data category.

Proxybot provides an API for web scraping. The Proxybot APITrack this API can handle a large number of proxies, browser checks, and captcha security checks for web scraping. Proxybot offers proxies located in various geographical locations, it helps to get HTML content from websites built with a JavaScript Framework, and it rotates anonymous IPs. This API is listed in the Data Mining category.

Facesoft utilizes deep learning techniques to provide face analysis and generation. The Facesoft APITrack this API enables face detection, face landmark extraction, face comparison, and facial recognition in applications. All images need to be encoded in Base64 format, and the file size limit is 6 MBs. This API is listed in the Recognition category.

Uploadcare is a cloud Platform for better image and video management. The Uploadcare CDN APITrack this API enables users to manage content delivery network (CDN) features including file upload, file size, animated images, image compression and performance, GIF to video, color profiles, image filtering and rotation, object and color recognition, and face recognition. The API is listed in the Content Delivery Network category.

Uploadcare API lets users manage CDN

Uploadcare API lets users automate and manage CDN tasks. Screenshot: Uploadcare

Versa Cloud ERP offers software for growing businesses. The Versa Cloud APITrack this API provides enables programmatic access to enterprise Resource planning (ERP) data, aiming to automate technology, services, and human resources functions. Methods are available to manage accounts, customers, currency, measurement units, transaction details and more. This API is filed under Enterprise.

Canada Holidays API returns all 28 public holidays for all 13 provinces and territories in Canada. The API supports holidays with associated regions, federal holidays, national holidays, and holidays for past and future years. The API is listed in the Holidays category.

Attio is a customizable workspace for team relationships and workflows. The Attio APITrack this API enables users to connect to integrated tools such as Dropbox, Mailchimp, Slack, Gmail, etc. and get metadata, create automations, and trigger actions in other products. The Attio API is listed under the Customer Relationship Management category.

Attio API enables contacts integrations within teams

Attio API enables contacts integrations within teams. Screenshot: Attio

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