Daily API RoundUp: PixelStix, Datalistic, Quandora, Alchemer, DoReMIR, HamDB

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Art, Surveys and Music. Highlights include an API for marine vessel data, and API for retrieveing mural data, an API for ham radio data, and an API for music intelligence. Here's a look at the new additions.


PixelStix Mural Platform offers software tools to market and engage community members in mural appreciation. The PixelStix Mural Platform APITrack this API enables users to access meta information and data for PixelStix and PixelStix Maps. Methods are available to retrieve data and metadata about mural maps and galleries. This API is listed in the Art category.

Get data about murals with PixelStix API

Get data about murals with PixelStix API. Image: Google Play/PixelStix

Quandora provides AI-powered knowledge management and RFP automation solutions. Quandora APITrack this API provides access to a Quandora domain and execute operations and get data. Manage lists, activity, users, profiles, reports, knowledge base queries, questions, comments and answers and more with this API. This API is listed in the Q&A category.

Datalastic Maritime Vessels and Ports Data APITrack this API offers vessels Information, images, real-time location, destination, images, historical data, ports information, vessels in ports, vessels in a radius of a port search and more. Get geo-coordinates of vessels, MMSI and IMO for ship identification, ETD, ETA, heading, call sign, dead weight tonnage, marine port information, and track ships with the API, which is listed in the Marine category.

DoReMIR is a music intelligence service that understands music and automatically interprets the musical structure, like a virtual listener. DoReMIR provides an APITrack this API for music publishers and developers to interact with the service for music analysis purposes. The API offers methods to translate audio to MIDI, audio to MusicXML and audio to Remus in JSON format responses. This API is listed in the Music category.

Alchemer provides enterprise online survey tools. The Alchemer APITrack this API enables developers to interact with survey data, create polls and surveys, survey contacts from a particular database, create image heatmaps of responses and more. Alchemer was formerly known as SurveyGizmo. This API is in the Surveys category.

Alchemer API

Screenshot: Alchemer

HamDB.org APITrack this API offers amateur ham radio callbook data in HTML, XML, JSON, & CSV. Data includes name, callsign, class, status, grid, expires, address FCC, ULS, and formats. Find this API in the Hobbies category.

Bored APITrack this API returns fun things to do for bored people. Get activities by random, type, participants, price range, and accessibility with this API. The developer states this is a MEVN (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js) web app project. It is listed in the Entertainment category.

OtakuGifs APITrack this API offers Anime GIFs for developers. Users can Fetch a random GIF or all actions with the API. This API is useful for Discord bot reactions or any other anime fan project. It is listed in the Animation category.