Daily API RoundUp: Planet, Unleash, Allganize, Natural Insight, IBANfox

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including DevOps, Color, and Supply Chain. An API for a color generation tools is included today, as well as an API for feeds about satellite imagery of planet Earth. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Colormind generates color schemes via deep learning technology. Colormind can provide color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. The Colormind APITrack this API can return a random color palette, offer color suggestions with input, and show current color models. The API is free for personal use. It is listed in the Colors category of ProgrammableWeb.

Upload an image to Colormind to get a color palette

Upload an image to Colormind to get a color palette. Image: Colormind

Unleash is a feature toggle system for enterprise applications. The Unleash APITrack this API enables developers to Fetch feature toggles, register clients, send metrics, fetch strategies, and get system changes. The API provides JSON formatted responses. Unleash is designed to decouple the process of deploying code to production and releasing new features. This API is listed in the DevOps category.

Materials Platform for Data Science (MPDS) APITrack this API offers curated data of the Pauling File database (database for inorganic compounds). This information is suitable for automated processing, discovery, scientific design, and materials simulations. MPDS' data supports distinct phases; each phase is a combination of a chemical formula, space group, and Pearson symbol. This API returns JSON and CIF formatted responses. and is listed in the Science category.

Natural Insight is retail execution software. The Natural Insight Routing REST APITrack this API architecture exports retail fulfillment routing data in JSON format, allowing to collect and calculate expenses. The Routing API provides insight into how a client can change routing policies to prevent the financial drain from routing expenses. The Natural Insight Routing APITrack this API in SOAP architecture exports retail fulfillment routing data in XML format. Both APIs are listed in the Supply Chain category.

Celer is a layer-2 Scaling platform for generalized off-chain smart contracts and transactions. Celer is designed to be Blockchain-agnostic and flexible for quick integrations with layer-1 blockchains. The Celer APITrack this API and Javascript and Go SDKs enable developers to monetize their gaming applications with blockchain-backed technology via optimized on-chain contracts and off-chain messaging protocols. Find this API in the Blockchain category.

Celer API

Screenshot: Celer Network

IBANfox APITrack this API acts as a complete payment validation solution, based on official data sources. This API provides IBAN validation, IBAN-to- SWIFT/BIC lookup, and Branch-level SWIFT/BIC data for secure payments. Data is verified daily based on SWIFTREF's information plus regulatory bodies worldwide. This API is listed in the Payments category.

Allganize helps businesses automate workflows with natural language understanding Artificial Intelligence. The Allganize Alli APITrack this API enables applications to read and infer meaning, deliver answers from large corporations, extract keywords from natural language texts, reveal the structure and meaning of text and more. The API offers cognitive search abilities for employees and customers to sift through Documentation for correct answers. It's GraphQL interface provides answers from chat records as well. This API is listed in the Natural Language Processing category.

Staylists is a booking platform based in London. The Staylists API enables developers to access hotel booking resources including reservations, properties, and listings. Developers are able to programmatically perform searches by creating an Enquiry; an Enquiry is a dataset that encapsulates the criteria of a customer's search. This API is listed under Booking.

Mobbex is an online payment platform that is capable of sending payment orders using WhatsApp, social media, email, and receiving payments using their proprietary MultiPOS device. The Mobbex APITrack this API enables checkout capabilities, payment orders, QR code features, loyalty programs, and currency conversions. Mobbex is based in Argentina. Find this API in the Payments category.

Catalytic is a business cloud platform used by operations, finance, procurement, HR, and legal organizations to automate variable processes. The Catalytic APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically collect user form data, simulate website navigation, retrieve business assessments, and extract specific email information. Find this API in the Business category.

Planet provides daily satellite Earth imagery and insights. The Planet Analytics APITrack this API is a RESTful service that provides programmatic access to interface with Planet Analytic Feeds, which are feeds of data derived from satellite imagery such as building detection (construction, urban growth & plan future development), road detection, well pad detection (to monitor oil and gas construction across basins) and more. The Analytics API provides operations for working with feeds, subscriptions, and collections of results. The API is listed in the Satellites category.

Planet at a Glance Video: YouTube/Planet

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