Daily API RoundUp: Portfolio Optimizer, Empath, brighter AI, DefinedCrowd

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Entertainment, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning. Highlights include an API for retrieving data from the App Store and an API for determining walkability in neighborhoods. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Portfolio Optimizer is cloud-based investment portfolio optimization. Portfolio Optimizer APITrack this API allows to optimize the composition of investment portfolios, using advanced mathematics and computer algorithms (e.g., modern portfolio theory). Methods are available to retrieve asset returns, asset covariance, portfolio optimization, portfolio construction and analysis. Find this API in the Financial category.

DefinedCrowd is a training data Platform for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The platform enables users to train speech ASR models, natural language processing models, computer vision (image/video recognition and classification), prediction models, and machine translation models. The DefinedCrowd REST APITrack this API provides a programmable interface for integrating data with DefinedCrowd's platform. From the REST API, you can create and manage Projects based on Workflow Templates, and upon project completion, retrieve enriched training data. The DefinedCrowd Webhooks APITrack this API enables users to get instant notifications of AI modeling project states, such as created, paused, data uploads, upload errors, project running, results, and more. The API is listed in the Machine Learning category.

42matters provides mobile application analysis services. 42matters Apple App Store iOS App Lookup APITrack this API returns meta data of iPhone and iPad apps on Apple App Store that match a given iOS app track ID. Data returned includes reviews, versions, review analysis, country availability, app matching, top charts, integrated SDKs, rank, and more. Find this API in the Applications category.

Open Weather Map Proxy GraphQL APITrack this API enables users to query weather data including current weather data, hourly forecast 4 days, daily forecast 16 days and more via Graph Query Language. This API is listed in the Weather category.

brighter AI is an Identity Protection Suite (IPS) that offers various solutions to automatically redact faces and license plates on images and videos. This APITrack this API enables users to protect personally identifiable information in images and videos from facial or license plate recognition software. It is useful for compliance with data privacy regulations. This API is listed in the Privacy category.

Video: YouTube/brighter.ai

Webit Text Analytics APITrack this API is an AI service capable of doing advanced comparisons, detecting languages, extracting key phrases and entities from an unstructured text. Find this API in the Natural Language Processing category.

Empath allows users to analyze faces in video to understand every person's mood and emotions. The Empath APITrack this API is a REST API with JSON response that enables users to track faces across frames in any video, including breaks caused by 3D wrapping or edits. Interested developers need to register for API access. This API is listed in the Augmented Reality category.

Empath API

Image: Empath

Muzooka provides pre-approved artist assets for the music and comedy industries. The Muzooka Artist Asset APITrack this API allows access to the Muzooka music and comedy artist branding platform, where teams can update artist assets across multiple platforms. The API is used to retrieve artist look ups, search for assets and retrieve videos. It will return image and other information in JSON format. The Webhooks APITrack this API is available for users to get automated notifications for changes made to any artist profiles they have subscribed to. Both APIs are listed under Entertainment.

HydraProxy proxy reseller APITrack this API offers access to real residential and mobile proxies. The API allows the Integration of both proxy access and management. Developers can register for API and Documentation access.

Walkspan's Sense of Walk APITrack this API provides the "walkability" of a given neighborhood or other location. Defined from most to least walk-able, sidewalk quality can be viewed at block, quarter mile and neighborhood scales. Walkability is measured by nature, architecture, amenities, comfort, safety, interest and access. This API is suitable for property search websites, buyers, sellers, investors, and other registered developers. Contact provider for documentation. Find this API in the Real Estate category.

ArtemTecta Architectural Style Recognition APITrack this API returns architectural styles of buildings including roman, classical, neoclassical, gothic, renascence, baroque, art nouveau, art deco, modernism, postmodernism from an input photo. The recognized architectural styles have confidence score, timestamp, tag Id, tag Name. Find this API in the Artificial Intelligence category.

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