Daily API RoundUp: Precisely, MeiliSearch, Shipfinder, Redash, DigiFi

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Thirty-two APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Data, Documents, and Financial. Highlights include an API for business records fiscalization, and API for data dashboards, and several APIs from Precisely for data accuracy. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


AdBase utilizes Artificial Intelligence to target customers with SMS, MMS, and email marketing. The AdBase APITrack this API enables users to integrate targeted email campaigns and other marketing solutions into applications. API methods are available to manage actions, users, contacts, and more. AdBase API is in the Marketing category of ProgrammableWeb's API directory.

User.com provides marketing, sales and support software. The User.com APITrack this API offers methods to manage return users, CRM, conversations, web push, and segments information for automating business processes. It is filed under the Customer Relationship Management category.

Automate CRM processes and create custom integrations with User.com AP

Automate CRM processes and create custom integrations with User.com API. Screenshot: User.com

ORPALIS provides document imaging, image processing solutions with support for very large images. The ORPALIS PassportPDF REST APITrack this API allows developers to add advanced imaging support to any application. ORPALIS offers full PDF support, TWAIN and WIA scanning, barcode support, hyper-compression, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It is listed in the Documents category.

fiskaly is a cloud-based, tamper-proof fiscal service for electronic recording and archiving of business transactions. The fiskaly Sign APITrack this API allows developers to initialize and manage a Technical Security System, manage transactions and their life cycle, manage clients, and perform data export. The fiskaly API is listed under the Transactions category.

DigiFi is a digital lending system. The DigiFi APITrack this API enables programmatic access to automate loans for the consumer, mortgage, small business, and commercial lending industries. API methods are available for managing loans, intermediaries, people, companies, underwriting, and creating and managing Machine Learning lending models. The DigiFi API is listed under the Financial category.

Integrate applications with DigiFi lending services via REST API

Integrate applications with DigiFi lending services via REST API. Screenshot: DigiFi

Sonect enables a "virtual ATM" in third parties, enabling users to send money to friends or partner shops using a PCI DSS compliant payment processor. A fee is applied per cash withdrawal. The Sonect Platform is supervised by Switzerland's Financial Services Standards Association (VQF), and in the EU, Sonect has an E-Money Institution License (EMI) from the Bank of Lithuania. The Sonect APITrack this API is indirectly accessible via several SDKs. Find it in the Payments category.

Incognia provides location behavioral biometrics and private identity services. The Incognia APITrack this API and Incognia Behavioral Biometric SDK provides technology to understand user behavior and location patterns based on network signals. The service can detect physical places visited by users, verify identification to protect from mobile fraud, send hyper contextualized push campaigns and more. The Incognia API and SDKs are listed under the Mobile category.

Redash APITrack this API enables users to display data in dashboards and visually. Methods are available to manage the data queries and arrange results. Redash allows integrations with Google Sheets, Slack Bot, Zapier. The API is listed under Dashboards.

Shipfinder.com is a provider of Automatic Identification System (AIS) and satellite vessel tracking services. The Shipfinder APITrack this API displays data with a ship's location. It embeds a ships position and a map in a user's business system or website, creating vessel management and monitoring system. The API is listed under Marine.

Shipfinder API returns ships name, call sign, vessel type, size, location and other data

Shipfinder API returns ships name, call sign, vessel type, size, location and other data. Image: Shipfinder.com

Freight Club is a shipping tool that provides a way to ship from anywhere in the lower 48 States across all levels of service. The Freight Club APITrack this API allows you to build out integrations with your core systems to ship freight. The API contains methods to book orders, mange labeling, get bill of lading, manage the shipment and more. Find it in the Shipping category.

MeiliSearch is an API-first search engine. The MeiliSearch APITrack this API enables developers to add search functions into applications and websites. MeiliSearch features instant search, search as a user types, typo tolerance, tokenization, customizable indexation, and friendly web interface. The API is listed in the Search category.

Inloco is a technology firm that provides location-based insights for brands and businesses. Inloco allows businesses to understand customer preferences and drive store visits while prioritizing user privacy. This platform integrates fraud prevention and performance analytics with Fintech applications. Access this API via SDKs, which are filed under Intelligence.

Precisely is a data integrity platform capable of collecting, verifying, and mapping information. This platform can be used to enable address typeahead capabilities in eCommerce websites, determine origin and delivery destinations in logistics applications, and provide better insights for customer engagement. Twenty APIs from Precisely were recently added to the Data category and are listed below.

Precisely Geocode APITrack this API returns location coordinates corresponding to an address and vice-versa.

Precisely 911/PSAP APITrack this API provides Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) administrative call routing support and Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) phone numbers.

Precisely Address Verification APITrack this API allows developers to validate mailing addresses and retrieve postal codes.

Precisely Demographics APITrack this API enables lifestyle segmentation and demographics data in people profiles. The API returns household demographics by passing address or location.

Precisely Email Verification APITrack this API validates and corrects the requested Emails enveloped in JSON requests.

Precisely Geolocation APITrack this API returns location coordinates associated with the requested IP address or Wi-Fi MAC address. This service is useful for eCommerce, fraud prevention, and physical-digital interactions.

Precisely Identity Profiles APITrack this API provides local socio-economic and affinity insights about a customer. This can be used to add localized Identity profiles, demographics, lifestyle segmentations, and neighborhood names to shipping addresses.

Precisely Local Tax APITrack this API returns tax rates associated with an address or location coordinates.

Precisely Maps APITrack this API provides maps that can be embedded in applications. 3 different visual styles are available: bronze, iron, and steel. Developers are able to include their own data and place it on top of the maps.

Precisely Neighborhoods Insights APITrack this API offers global neighborhood names and classification information associated with the requested coordinates.

Precisely Telecomm Info APITrack this API enables service provider intelligence features in applications.

Precisely Time Zone APITrack this API returns UTC time offsets and time zones associated with location coordinates or addresses.

Precisely Typeahead APITrack this API returns a list of autocompleted addresses based on the requested partial address.

Precisely Places APITrack this API provides global retail businesses and landmark points-of-interest.

Precisely Property Information APITrack this API enables residential and commercial property data in applications.

Precisely Schools APITrack this API returns school listings, types, districts, and education levels associated with an address.

Precisely Risks Insights APITrack this API provides crime, earthquake, flood data and related information. The API can be integrated with claims and mitigation applications.

Precisely Routing APITrack this API returns navigation data based on various travel modes. The API supports point-to-point and multi-point travel directions.

Precisely Streets APITrack this API provides global street information including nearest intersections and speed limits.

Precisely Zones APITrack this API provides location information to create Geofencing features.

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