Daily API RoundUp: Product Hunt, Testdome, FlightsLogic, Blockstack

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Testing, Chat and Security. Highlights include the Product Hunt API now with GraphQL, and the FlightsLogic API for airfare results. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Product Hunt is a directory of new applications, tech creations, hardware, job listings and more. It provides a system for users to add products, rank products and showcase new trends. The Product Hunt API 2.0Track this API provides access to Product Hunt data via a simple GraphQL interface. It allows users to discover public information, and also provides partial write access to approved third party applications. This API is listed in the Products category.

Rose Rocket is a TMS (transportation management system) Platform designed to improve communication between systems, customers, and people who move freight. The Rose Rocket APITrack this API provides methods for routing, order management, dispatch, planning, accounting, driver pay, profitability reporting, partner carrier management, Resource management, tariffs/ratecards, customer Portal, customer chat, KPI management, user management, and real-time track and trace. Rose Rocket Webhooks API is also available for event notifications. Rose Rocket APIs are listed in the Logistics category.

Rose Rocket API

Screenshot: Rose Rocket

Testdome provides automated skill testing services. The Testdome APITrack this API enables applicaitons to invite job candidates from an HR tool and access a candidate report when they complete a skills test. The Testdome API is listed under the Testing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Testing APIs.

Pledgeling provides tools for running successful non-profit organization donation services. The Pledgeling APITrack this API allows users to integrate global charity search and donation processing into online platforms, with methods for managing fundraisers, donations, impact calculations, and organizations. A Pledgeling Webhooks APITrack this API is also available for notifications about donations. Both APIs are listed in the Charity category.

SpeedskatingResults APITrack this API provides programmatic access to data from the SpeedskatingResults.com database. Developers can retrieve competitions for a given skater, a skater's personal records, a country's national records, current Olympic records, current world records, and more. Data can be retrieved in either JSON or XML format. The SpeedskatingResults API is listed under the Sports category.

FlightsLogic profides global airfare from over 900 airlines. The FlightsLogic Flight APITrack this API adds flight search features to third-party applications. This API supports ticket booking, global airfares, and inventory management. Data is provided in XML format and the API is filed in our Air Travel category.

FlightsLogic API

Screenshot: FlightsLogic

Sum And Substance provides identity verification services. The Sumsub APITrack this API provides services for all onboarding and compliance challenges, including Identity verification, KYC, KYB, KYT, AML, screening, and anti-fraud. API access is available to registered users. The API is listed under the Identity category.

ChatCamp adds messaging capabilities to applications. The ChatCamp APITrack this API offers a REST-based interface which enables data access from the ChatCamp cloud servers. Developers can programmatically retrieve user details, channel information, and messages. It is listed in the Chat category.

Smartproxy provides a Residential Proxy Network with more than ten million IPs. With the Smartproxy APITrack this API, users can access proxies and create and manage traffic limits for proxy users, retrieve reports, create and delete whitelisted IPs to simplify Authentication, filter and list all endpoints with ports, check subscription status and more. The Smartproxy API is listed under the Networking category.

Blockstack is an ecosystem for Decentralized applications. The Blockstack APITrack this API provides a REST-based interface used to manage Blockchain operations. Developers can access name querying, name management, wallet management, node administration, and perform namespace operations. The Blockstack API is listed under the Blockchain category.

SEON Technologies provides fraud prevention services. The SEON APITrack this API provides anti-fraud protection for applications including digital fingerprints. The SEON API is available by request, and is filed in the Security category.

SEON fraud prevention services overview Video: SEON/YouTube

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