Daily API RoundUp: Pulumi, USDA, Toku, Qliktag, NativeChat

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including DevOps, Internet of Things, and Telephony. An API for receiving information about tagged smart products is featured, and a free API for geocoding and adding embedded maps is also included. Here's a look at what is new.


NativeChat from Progress Software allows users to create Artificial Intelligence-driven chatbots. The NativeChat APITrack this API allows developers to access conversation history and conversations messages, and create a bot for such services as doctor appointments and car rentals. The API is listed in the Chat category.

Qliktag is an Internet of Things Platform that enables enterprises to build IoT solutions with little coding. The Qliktag Platform APITrack this API enables tagged items to easily send & receive information about themselves over the internet via a digital twin elevating them as smart products. Tagged items are any items with a barcode, QR code, NFC, RFID, Datamatrix, Databar, distinguishable label artwork, or a watermark. The Qliktag API is listed in the IoT category.

Pulumi is a cloud development platform designed for teams and enterprises. The Pulumi platform provides Continuous Delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure in any environment including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and hybrid environments. Pulumi APITrack this API is accessible indirectly through several SDKs. Each package facilities common tasks such as setting up a network, creating a Kubernetes cluster, and building and publishing containers to private registries. This API is listed in the DevOps category.

Kayzen is a mobile advertising platform. The Kayzen APITrack this API enables developers to get data about mobile audiences, ad reports, and metadata about device type, campaigns, creatives, countires, OS, and more. The Kayzen Event APITrack this API enables advertisers to send specific events directly to Kayzen and use the audience segmentation feature to create and target different users. The Kayzen APIs are listed under the Advertising category.

BL3P is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands. The BL3P Public HTTP APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve the orderbook, last 1000 trades, trade history, and ticker data. The BL3P Authenticated HTTP APITrack this API allows developers to create and manage orders, and provides access to account-related functions for deposits, transactioins, and withdrawals. The BL3P Public Websocket APITrack this API allows developers to subscribe to streaming channels for executed trades and the current orderbook. BL3P APIs are listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

positionstack is a free address geocoding and maps API. The positionstack APITrack this API offers a REST API solution for forward and reverse geocoding as well as embeddable maps. It supports more than 2+ billion addresses and places around the world. Developers can use it to geocode any locatio, get actionable geographical data, and get embeddable map URLs for applications. It is listed in the Location category.

Toku is a telecommunication services provider based in Asia. The Toku Phone Numbers APITrack this API can be used to perform lookups on available phone numbers, to obtain mobile number portability information, to provision and subscribe to phone numbers, and to subscribe to Toku managed phone numbers to other programmable voice and messaging services offered by Toku. This API is listed under Telephony.

Vonage, a cloud communication provider, provides the Vonage Conversation API to manage data about conversations between two or more users of the service across various messaging channels in real-time. The API helps to streamline communication across channels and devices. This API is also listed under the Telephony category.

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The YoBit Public API v3 allows developers to get information that doesn't require access to personal account data, such as the depth, fee, ticker, and trades for a given currency pair. Unlike v2 of the API, v3 allows developers to get information for multiple pairs in one request. We've listed this API in the Cryptocurrency category.

ShopGun is a shopping assistant that shows local deals in real time. The ShopGun APITrack this API enables shopping sessions in different catalogs. The sessions allow users to keep their state across different requests, so that they wont need to send login information for every single request. The API includes functions for creating sessions, and managing catalogs, stores and more. ShopGun is based in Denmark. It is listed under Catalogs.

USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) provides information about America’s farms and ranches. The USDA ARMS APITrack this API returns data to create apps that search, display, analyze, retrieve, view, and access agricultural information including production practices, resource use, and economic well-being of farms and ranches in the USA. It is listed in the Agriculture category.

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