Daily API RoundUp: Puppet, Whale Hotline, Percy, Space Invoices

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Automation, and Weather. Highlights include an API that provides menu data from thousands of restaurants and an API for whale sightings data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Whale Hotline APITrack this API allows developers to access public sighting reports of marine mammals. The Hotline receives thousands of sightings every year. Sightings can be filtered by species, orca type, orca pod, date and time, and location. This API is provided by The Whale Museum and is listed in the Marine category.

The Whale Hotline API provides sightings information

Screenshot: The Whale Museum

AppyFlow GST APITrack this API integrates GST taxpayer search functionalities with applications. This interface can be utilized to validate GST taxpayer details. JSON is the preferred response format. GST is the Goods and Services Tax of India. This API is listed in the Taxes category.

Paradigm is a provides access to cryptocurrency datasets. The Paradigm APITrack this API provides single Endpoint access to datasets, curated content and visual analytics. Developers can get data about asset profiles, taxonomies, historical prices, Blockchain metrics, alternative data, scenario models and research with the API, which is filed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Space Invoices is a developer-oriented invoicing API. The Space Invoices APITrack this API supports managing accounts, invoices, organizations, currency information, and payments. The service features a cloud-based high volume invoicing infrastructure, multi-organization management, white label support, and a complete visual interface. This is in the Invoicing category.

Percy is a visual review Platform designed to provide insights on UI changes during the application development process. The Percy Webhooks APITrack this API enables real-time notifications about a project's activity. This API is used to customize the way Percy is integrated with applications by sending events and data to the specified server. The Webhooks API uses JSON for payloads, and responses, and is filed under the Visualizations category.

Video: YouTube/Percy

Visual Crossing is a mapping and weather data service for businesses. The Visual Crossing Weather Data APITrack this API provides climate and weather information. The interface enables interpolated history records, and prioritizes high accountability data and geographic coverage. Detailed data is available including forecasts and summaries. The API supports JSON and CSV and is filed in the Weather category.

XYZ menus API offers access to a database of over 350,000 restaurant menus and restaurants. Additionally, the interface provides information on over 30,000,000 individual menu items. This API is listed in the Restaurants category.

Puppet Enterprise provides IT automation and DevOps software solutions. The Puppet Forge APITrack this API allows access to data on the Puppet Forge automation platform. It provides a RESTful interface to write scripts and tools to interact with the Puppet Forge website. This service is accessed over HTTPS with data that is returned in JSON format. The API is listed under the Automation category.

Jabra is a provider of headsets for office and personal use. Jabra offers solutions for call centers, sports, and video conferencing. The Jabra APITrack this API is accessible via SDKs, and is listed in the Audio category.

RushParcel is a document logistic platform to help warehouse managers process shipments with total management of orders. The RushParcel APITrack this API can access multi-carrier data, real-time quotes, real-time tracking, and address validation for shipments. Specific methods incolude create shipping, purchase label, cancel label, verify address, get my order list, etc. It is listed under Shipping.

Axway is a content collaboration and hybrid Integration service capable of securely connecting systems, users, and devices. Axway APITrack this API offers support for API Management, managed file transfer, content collaboration, and analytics. The API Management interface enables access to metrics, quotas, users, and login endpoints. It is listed in the Integration category.

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