Daily API RoundUp: Puzzl, Scorebird, Ditto, Validect

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Accounting, Collaboration and Animation. Included is an API to search for Anime scenes from a still image, and an API for adding enterprise payroll functions to applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Scorebird is a Platform for displaying and reporting live sports scores. The Scorebird APITrack this API allows programmatic access to the platform, with methods to manage schools, teams, games, ticks and more. Scorebird is targeted to school athletic and similar programs. Find this API in the Sports category.

Scorebird API

Screenshot: Scorebird

Puzzl is a platform to add enterprise-level payroll services to applications. Puzzl APITrack this API enables developers to build payroll functions into applications with methods to manage employees, onboarding, paperwork, checks, reporting periods, shifts, employee checks, employer checks, companies, documents and more. This API is listed in the Accounting category.

Validect APITrack this API enables developers to verify if email addresses are accurate and legitimate to clean marketing lists and prevent registration failures. It is listed in the Email category.

Trace.moe is an Anime scene search engine in which a user can find the origin of an anime scene from a screenshot. The Trace.moe APITrack this API enables search by uploading images or JSON POSTs. It can search more than 30,000 hours of anime and growing. This technology is not AI, but content-based image retrieval, which compares only the colors and patterns of the images. The API is filed under Animation.

Ditto is a management platform for product copy. The Ditto REST APITrack this API enables developers to Fetch the text from Ditto projects, which organizes text (i.e. product copy) from design mockups like Figma into structured JSONs. Text from these JSONs can be used to directly integrate and update copy in Front-end development. The API can also be used directly with our CLI, which will fetch (and update) the JSONs directly into your working directory. Ditto API is listed under Collaboration.

Ditto API

Screenshot: Ditto

Smidyo Vector Express allows users to implement vector conversion into applications. Developers can use Vector Express APITrack this API to convert files and retrieve conversion paths. Illustrator, AutoCAD, PDF, SVG and more formats are supported, and conversion settings are adjustable. Input AI, CDR, DWG, DXF, EPS, HPGL, PDF, PLT, PS and SVG files and output DXF, EPS, PDF, PLT, PS, SVG files with this service. The API is listed in the Conversions category.

APIclub.in Driving License Information APITrack this API provides Information of Indian Driving License with License Number.

APIclub.in IP Geo Location APITrack this API provides detailed information of IP address, including continent, country, state, city, zipcode, geocoordinates, calling codes, languages, currency, time zone and more.

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