Daily API RoundUp: QuadPay, Precognitive, Coralogix, ZenSports

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Cryptocurrency and Machine Learning. Highlights include the LunarCRUSH API which provides trend analysis about cryptocurrency and the QuadPay API for splitting payments into four installments. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ZenSports is peer-to-peer mobile sports betting globally. The ZenSports APITrack this API allows users to retrieve data about ZenSports betting balances, retrieves data about supported currencies, retrieves a list of orders, accepts a specific bet and more. Methods are available for funds and transactions, betting, countries, SPORTS Exchange and others. This API is listed in the Gambling category.

LunarCRUSH enables users to discover how social media impacts cryptocurrency markets. The LunarCRUSH APITrack this API retrieves cryptocurrency data sourced from social media about markets, global metrics, coins, news, records, influencers, and feeds. The API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Get data about cryptocurrency trends with this API

Get data about cryptocurrency trends with this API. Screenshot: LunarCRUSH

QuadPay enabales users to pay for items in four payments. The QuadPay APITrack this API integrates payments into applications, allowing merchants to split customer purchases into 4 amounts. Methods are available to create and manage orders. The API is listed in the Payments.

FreightChick is a logistics automation Platform. The FreightChick REST APITrack this API enables developers to add logistics features such as managing shipments, tracking, and comparing rates into business applications. The API offers methods for billing, accounts, shipments, tracking, teams and more. The FreightChick API is listed under the Logistics category.

Precognitive is an online fraud detection service. The Precognitive APITrack this API enables developers to protect online transactions from fraud, with methods for devices, behaviors, decisions, and more. Precognitive also offers a Webhooks API to send security data to a backend listener, enabling streamlined order review and fulfillment process. The APIs are listed under Security.

Coralogix is a secure logging platform powered by machine learning. This platform automates the process of turning cluttered log data into templates and flows. Coralogix features custom dashboards, log querying, custom log views, and alert management. The Coralogix APITrack this API enables developers to manage their application development logs. The API is listed in the Machine Learning category.

Coralogix API

Screenshot: Coralogix

Blackbaud is non-profit, fundraising software for driving social good. Blackbaud Opportunities are plans that detail and track efforts to build relationships with prospects and secure major gifts. The Blackbaud SKY Opportunity APITrack this API integrates opportunity fundraisers, opportunity attachments, and opportunity custom fields. It is filed in the Non-Profit category.

Postpay is a payment service that enables customers to buy now and pay later. The Postpay REST APITrack this API allows developers to add installment plan payment functions to applications and to access checkout data, order information, refunds, and settlements. The API can also be accessed via GraphQL querying, and a Webhooks API is offered to receive notifications about payments and other events. You can find Postpay APIs listed in the Payments category.

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