Daily API RoundUp: RainMachine, Jodie, Karmahostage, GivingTech

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Satellites, Privacy, and Government. Highlights include an API that tracks federal spending, an API for generating cryptographic keys, and an API that predicts the weather and waters yards accordingly. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Jodie. AI provides alternative data for SEC filings and company analysis. The Jodie APITrack this API enables users to derive alternative data from SEC filings, in realtime, sourced via AI models. The API returns company details, insider relationships, disclosures analysis, sectors, shareholder trading information and more. This API is listed in the Financial category on ProgrammableWeb.

Jodie API uses natural language processing to analyze entity and changes data

Jodie API uses natural language processing to analyze entity and changes data. Image: Jodie.ai

SportScribe enables developers to access AI-generated soccer match previews. The SportScribe APITrack this API returns team information, league data, and match previews. The API covers 20 European Leagues, and is free to start. The API is listed in the Sports category.

API Spot provides the Domain Names APITrack this API for developers to retrieve WHOIS information, domain check data, and IP lookup results. The API is listed in the Domains category.

Karmahostage is an Encryption as a service that provides API Integration to generate, manage and use cryptographic keys. The Karmahostage API enables developers to generate and manage cryptographic keys, encryption, decryption, signatures and secrets. The API is filed under Privacy.

RainMachine provides programmable, WiFi irrigation controllers. The RainMachine APITrack this API enables users to automate their RainMachine sprinkler systems. The API retrieves weather and forecast data including water zones, restrictions, weather engine to manage remote access and home automation. The API is listed in the Agriculture category.

Rainmachine API

Screenshot: RainMachine

Bike Index API v3Track this API enables users to search for bikes on a registry, with the aim to recover stolen bicycles. API methods are available to get users, manage bike operations, manufacturers and search for bikes by front gear types, handlebar types, frame materials, color, etc. This API is listed under Cycling.

GivingTech provides technology for funding non-profit organizations. The GivingTech Transaction Export APITrack this API uses web services to export data about donors and donation details in JSON format. It can be used to export data to external CRMs, including Salesforce and others. The API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Non-Profit category.

Bird.i is a Scottish tech start-up that provides high resolution satellite imagery and Machine Learning technology to businesses globally. The Bird.i Image APITrack this API provides the ability to retrieve an image from the Bird.i satellite imagery service. The Bird.i Tiles APITrack this API allows users to view image impressions from satellite imagery as a layer within a mapping application. The Bird.i Catalog APITrack this API provides the ability to browse and search imagery and metadata from the Bird.i satellite imagery catalog.

Search and manage satellite images with Bird.i API

Search and manage satellite images with Bird.i API. Image: Bird.i

USASpending.gov enables tax payers to see how their tax dollars are being used. The USASpending API v2Track this API enables users to access federal contracts data and federal assistance databases. All data present on USASpending.gov is available through the API, except for pie charts and end-of-search totals. This API is listed in the Government.

World Radio APITrack this API enables users to listen to more 50,000 Radio Stations from all around the world and know what song is playing in real-time. All Stations are updated daily and more Radios are added to the API as soon as discovered. Use the API to search radio stations and genres, countries, now playing, top radio by country and more. Find this API in the Music category.

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