Daily API RoundUp: Scale AI, Weatherlogics, Soundpiece, Zcash, UpViral

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Climate, and Artificial Intelligence. Highlights include an API for validating data for AI applications, and an API that uses AI for music creation and composition. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Scale AI is a data Platform for Artificial Intelligence applications. The Scale APITrack this API can validate data with semantic segmentation, 2D boxes, polygons, point annotation, lines and splines, and image categorization using computer vision capabilities. It also offers natural language processing, with sentiment and intent analysis, text classification, named entity recognition, OCR transcription, and word/phrase comparison. This API is listed in the Artificial Intelligence category.

Scale AI API

Screenshot: Scale AI

Randommer.io offers several utility services for developers. Randommer Random Data Generator APITrack this API can be used to build a project without developing from scratch the base functions to generate data like numbers, telephones, passwords, hashes, and text. The API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Random category.

A-Vision Software offers the Job Card Tracking system for managing jobs in the trades, health & safety sectors. The Job Tracking system APITrack this API allows to retrieve (read-only) users, contacts, inventory, jobs, and invoices from the A-Vision Job Card Tracking system. The API is listed in the Time Tracking category.

Demisto is a security operations platform that combines security orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation. Demisto's engine automates security product processes and integrates with tasks and workflows. Demisto REST APITrack this API enables real-time indexing for user-generated forensics information, indicators, and DBot insights. The Demisto API is filed under Security.

Weatherlogics provides climate data. The Weatherlogics climate APITrack this API returns climate data, records, and normals for over 700 locations in Canada. The climate data is useful for transportation, agriculture, government, insurance, and other applications. The API is listed in the Climate category.

Weatherlogics API

Screenshot: Weatherlogics

Bing recently retired its Ads API v12, and Bing Ads v13 has been added to ProgrammableWeb's directory in the Advertising category. The Bing Ads APITrack this API is made up of multiple web services that together allow developers to manage their advertising campaigns hosted through Bing. Using the API, developers can create new advertising campaigns, and manage/edit existing campaigns. The API also supplies detailed reporting and statistics for developers to understand how ads are performing.

Soundpiece is an AI online music compostion and creation service. The Soundpiece music composer APITrack this API allows developers to access trained algorithms and programmatically create, edit and download new music in a desired mood, style, and length. The Soundpiece API is listed in the Music category.

Soundpiece API

Screenshot: Soundpiece

UpViral enables developers to integrate effective and profitable viral marketing campaigns with their applications. The UpViral APITrack this API allows connected clients to add contacts, add points, list campaigns, and retrieve contact details. It is listed in the Marketing category.

Zcash is an implementation of the Zerocash protocol which is based on Bitcoin's core. The Zcash Payment APITrack this API extends the functionalities of the Bitcoin Core API by supporting private Zcash payments. The API enables access to accounting, addresses, operations, payment, and key management methods. The Zerocash protocol focuses on a high standard of privacy.

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