Daily API RoundUp: Scrapestack, Appwrite, BuddyPress, Impala, Humanity

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Verification, and Data Mining. Highlights include several cryptocurrency APIs and updates for the BuddyPress API for its social networking Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Scrapestack provides free, real-time and scalable proxy and web scraping services. The Scrapestack APITrack this API is a REST API for high volume usage, providing access to 100+ global geolocations, datacenter and residential proxies, CAPTCHA handling as well as smart retries and IP rotation. The API enables developers to scrape data from from websites like Google, Amazon, TripAdvisor, eBay, Bing, Yahoo, and more without t getting IP blocked. The Scrapestack API is listed under the Data Mining category.

Scrape websites for actionable data with this API

Scrape websites for actionable data with this API. Screenshot: scrapestack/apilayer

Free IP Geolocation APITrack this API returns IP information with no registration required. Formats available are JSON, XML and CSV. The API returns region, country, IP, geocoordinates, city, timezone, zipcode, city and more. There is a rate limit of 15k requests per hour. The Free IP Geolocation API is listed under the Location category.

Appwrite is a development platform that supports API management and an open-source, self-hosted backend server for web and mobile developers. The Appwrite APITrack this API provides access to the Appwrite application creation platform to enable users to Fetch and update information related to the currently logged in user, project user groups, structured document collections and more. This includes methods for account, teams, database, storage, users, localization and avatars. Appwrite authentication API allows users to authenticate your app users using multiple Authentication methods. Appwrite APIs are listed in the Application Development category.

BuddyPress is an open-source community project that helps site builders and WordPress developers add social features to websites. The BuddyPress APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with the BuddyPress online community website platform. This includes access to enhance BuddyPress plugins with more responsive management tools, build complex single-page applications, create, read and update BuddyPress user generated content and more. It is listed in the Social category.

Impala provides hotel data and property management system (PMS) services. The Impala APITrack this API is a REST service that provides programmatic access to hotel data. The API enables users to access several hotel systems from one JSON API. Users may access data about rooms, billing, charges, booking, guests, payments, rates, and more. It is listed in the Hotels category.

Impala provides a single API to connect to many hotel systems

Impala provides a single API to connect to many hotel systems. Image: Command Line Software

Humanity enables employee scheduling tools for businesses. Humanity features compliance, forecasting, flex scheduling, and mobile shift management. The Humanity APITrack this API offers JSON formatted responses containing data associated with companies, locations, positions, and employees. The API is lised in the Human Resources category.

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Changelly APITrack this API allows developers to integrate cryptocurrency exchange features into their own services and applications. The API can be used to get a list of currencies available for exchange, get the minimum exchangeable amount for a currency pair, get an estimate of coins received as the result of a given exchange, create a transaction, and more. It is filed under Cryptocurrency.

Lbank is a digital asset exchange platform that covers a large number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS.IO, NEO, Legal Block, and many others. The Lbank REST APITrack this API is recommended for developers wanting to perform currency exchange transactions or asset withdrawals with Lbank. The API Documentation is provided in both English and Chinese. Lbank WebSocket APITrack this API is also available. These APIs are also filed under Cryptocurrency.

Filovirid Screenshot API enables screenshots from any URL. Developers can also provide custom User-Agent header values per request. This API supports 3 requests per minute. It is listed in the Screenshots category.

Verifile Driving License (DVLA UK) APITrack this API confirms if people have driving offenses. DVLA is the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK. The DVLA report will provide the type of offense with code, amount of fines, number of points, length of suspension, and more. This includes personal details for name, address and photograph, if they have received any endorsements or disqualifications in the UK. It is listed in the Verification category.

OKEx is a digital asset exchange that provides financial services to traders using Blockchain technology. We have added several OKEx APIs to our Cryptocurrency category, as listed below.

OKEx Funding Account API allows developers to transfer funds between their main account, sub accounts, and various trading accounts. It can also get deposit addresses and retrieve histories of deposits or withdrawals.

OKEx INDEX APITrack this API provides a single public method that allows developers to retrieve index contents. This API is rate limited to 20 calls every 2 seconds.

OKEx Spot Trading APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve market data, account information, transaction details, and bill details for their trading account. This API can also be used to place, batch, or cancel orders.

OKEx Perpetual Swap APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve market data, account info, order operations, order inquires, and bills of perpetual swap trading.

OKEx Margin Trading APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve market data, account data, loan history, bill details, transaction details, and more for their margin trading accounts.

OKEx Futures Trading APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve market data, account info, transaction details, contract information, order details, bill details, etc. Developers can also place, batch, and cancel orders.

OKEx Websocket APITrack this API is designed for spot and margin users. All of the data channels are applicable to both types of users, except for the Account Channel. Developers are strongly advised to use the Websocket API for retrieving market data and order book depth.

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