Daily API RoundUp: SecuGen, Cerner, Datachip, Finage

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Healthcare, Financial and Biometrics. Highlights include an API for integrating fingerprint identity verification into web browser applications and APIs for Cerner HealtheIntent health population Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Finage is a stock, currency and cryptocurrency real-time & historical data provider company. The Finage Financial Data APITrack this API returns financial data including US stocks last quotes, foreign exchange last quotes, cryptocurrency, indices, ETF, market fundamentals, Canada stocks and more. The Finage API is listed in the Financial category.

SecuGen provides optical fingerprint hardware and software. The SecuGen web APITrack this API service offers easy to integrate fingerprint capture, enrollment and matching functions for web applications with JavaScript support. It uses JSON objects and no browser plug-ins are needed. Several SecuGen Fingerprint Readers are supported and drivers do need to be installed for the fingerprint readers. This API is listed in the Biometrics category.

SecuGen API

Screenshot: SecuGen

Datachip offers safer workplace and safer campus solutions, including screening employees and visitors for the post-COVID-19 world. The Datachip Universal Facial Recognition APITrack this API enables developers to verify identity via facial recognition. This API is also listed in the Biometrics category.

American Bible Society Scripture APITrack this API enables developers to make Scriptures available to read on websites and applications. The API offers content from several different Bibles, and more than 80 languages. Methods are available to return Bible version lists, books, chapters, sections, verses, specific verse and more. Find this API in the Religion category.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter from game makers Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The CS:GO Backpack is a Steam tool to calculate game inventory value. The CS:GO items price APITrack this API returns inventory value of a given player, including items, time average and median of play, sales history, currency, thumbnail image, sell-able items, and more. This API is listed under Games.

Unofficial Scrabble APITrack this API returns word definitions, points, and legality for potential Scrabble words and wordgame results. It is offered by an independent developer and not offically related to Scrabble/Hasbro. This API is also filed under Games.

Cerner HealtheIntent is a population health management platform that can receive data from any EHR, HIT system, insurance claims, pharmacy benefits and other data sources. Three APIs for the platform have been added to the Healthcare category and are listed below.

The HealthIntent Health Concern APITrack this API offers methods to manage concerns that effect health including certain diseases, disorders, family dynamics, social factors, etc. Methods are available to manage concerns, individuals, concepts, entities, plus define concerns, and more.

The Cerner HealthIntent Longitudinal Plan APITrack this API enables communication about long term health goals between an individual and providers. Methods are available to manage plan templates, activities, goals, categories, disciplines, strengths, barriers and more.

The Maestro APITrack this API (in Beta) combines Cerner and Lumeris technology and services for health systems to help health systems drive provider engagement, provide care management services, enable risk score accuracy and completeness, execute value-based contracts, and provide additional operational support. Methods are available to manage hierarchy organizations and branches, with schema for data ingestion, content, identity, patient engagement and much more.

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