Daily API RoundUp: Service Objects, ForeSee, Hoverfly, Woord, Scraping Dogs

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Data Mining, Surveys, and Financial. Highlights include an API for translating text to speech using realistic voices, and an API for International contact data verification. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Service Objects provides APIs for contact and customer data verification. The Service Objects DOTS Address Geocode International REST APITrack this API provides latitude, longitude, and metadata for international addresses and places in JSON or XML formats. The API follows conventions for each country’s postal system for parsing and storing addresses and returns 16 levels of precision based on available data. Additionally, the API returns the locality, admin area, postcode, country, and country ISO 2 and ISO 3. This API is listed in the Location category.

ForeSee is a customer experience intelligence Platform designed to transform Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs into strategic business insights. The ForeSee APITrack this API allows developers to export all measurement survey response data, as well as CPPs (Customer Passed Parameters) and EPPs (Externally Passed Parameters). The API can also be used to import survey response data. The API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Surveys category.

Hoverfly is a service from SpectoLabs to create API simulations for testing purposes. The Hoverfly APITrack this API enables users to retrieve data from an API simulation test environment. The Hoverfly API utilizes GET, PUT, POST and DELETE parameters to get all simulation data, puts the simulation into Hoverfly, appends the simulation, unsets the simulation data and more. This API is listed in the Testing category.

Hoverfly offers a REST API to retrieve test simulation data

Hoverfly offers a REST API to retrieve test simulation data. Screenshot: Hoverfly

EasyCrédito is a Brazilian Fintech company focused on integrating credit card support, loan agreements, and financing with business applications. The EasyCrédito API enables financial capabilities in third-party applications. EasyCrédito supports credit card processing, user management, document analysis, user validation, and user feedback features. Find this API in the Financial category.

Rrrather APITrack this API returns "What would you rather?" questions with different tags such as random, situations, relationships, entertainment, people, sports, technology, and politics. The Rrrather API does not require Authentication, and is able to return randomized responses. This API is listed in the Games category.

Get responses to "Would You Rather" questions via this API

Get responses to "Would You Rather" questions via this API. Screenshot: Rrrather

Woord provides instant audio for articles using realistic voices. The Woord APITrack this API supports 8 languages with 38 different voices. This platform supports regional variations for select languages, such as Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and more. The Woord API is listed in the Text-to-Speech category.

Scrapingdog provides an APITrack this API to scrape websites using rotating proxies, JavaScript rendering, and captcha clearance facility. Scrapingdog uses uses the Chrome browser in headerless mode to render any page as it does in a real browser. Developers can get local results of any country by geotargeting to 120 countries. This API is filed under Data Mining.

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