Daily API RoundUp: SimboAlpha, Commerce7, Quotebook

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including PDFs, Fitness, and Medical Records. Highlights include the Commerce7 API for wine commerce automation, and the SimboAlpha API for voice creation of medical records. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Quotebook APITrack this API offers 80,000+ famous quotations from 20,000 authors neatly categorized into 117 distinct tags. Find this API in the Words category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Quotebook API

Screenshot: Quotebook

Dench City Bodybuilding News APITrack this API offers data from the best bodybuilding and strength news sources in the industry. This is the same API used on denchcity.com, gives an example of what you can build with this API, which is listed in the Fitness category.

Simbo. AI provides medical record Documentation products. SimboAlpha is a voice based doctor assistant for creating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) programmatically. The SimboAlpha APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the Platform, enabling developers to integrate with the service, and offers AI assisted patient notes, discharge summaries, clinical speech and language understanding for Indian accents and more. Interested developers should reach out to the company for further details. This API is listed under Medical Records.


Commerce7 is a commerce platform for wineries. The Commerce7 REST APITrack this API enables access to the platform, with API methods for managing customer information, orders, products, inventory, collections, vendors, promotions, gift cards, wine club memberships, shipping, taxes and more. A GraphQL API is also available. Find this API in the Wine category.

Tradefeeds offers financial data for more than 7000 public limited companies in the United States. Tradefeeds provides APIs to access the data, including the three below.

Tradefeeds Mutual Funds APITrack this API allows developers to obtain real-time and historical data on various types of mutual funds including equity (stock) funds, bond (fixed-income) funds, growth funds, balanced funds and money market funds.The API database contains data on more than 6500 mutual funds in the United States.

Tradefeeds ETF holdings APITrack this API allows you to obtain real-time and historical data on various types of ETFs including market ETFs, bond ETFs, sector and industry ETFs, commodity ETFs and international ETFs.

Tradefeeds Financial Ratios APITrack this API allows developers to obtain data on more than 60 types of financial ratios.

PDF.co PDF Search Web APITrack this API performs text search in PDF, replaces or deletes text in PDF. PDF.co PDF Editor Web APITrack this API edits PDF by adding text or images to PDF files. PDF.co PDF Form Filler Web APITrack this API fills forms and adds digital signatures to PDF.