Daily API RoundUp: Sinch, Scrapfly, GuideStar, JobSearchi, 1NCE

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Non-Profit, Messaging, and Recognition. Highlights include an API that provides electoral vote data and an API from Sinch that aggregates messaging services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Sinch offers programmable SMS, voice, video & verification tools. The Sinch Conversation APITrack this API enables developers to add messaging functions aggregated from several channels including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more. Methods are available for managing contacts, capabilities, events, transcoding, applications, conversations, opt in and more. A Webhooks API is also available and can be used for receiving callbacks from the Conversation API.

GuideStar by Candid is a non-profit data service. The GuideStar Charity Check PDF APITrack this API enables users to ensure if non-profits 100% IRS compliant. The API checks for compliance within key databases including IRS Publication 78, IRS Business Master File, Internal Revenue Bulletin, Automatic Revocation of Exemption, and OFAC Specially Designated National list. It allows users to gather additional details to support decision making like organization type, deductibility limitations, religious organization status, revocations, and more. It is listed in the Non-Profit category.

TogaTech Free Backend US Presidential Election APITrack this API enables developers to access basic candidate data and accurate electoral vote numbers for the top two parties. Methods are available to get data, get metadata, get parties, get votes.

JobSearchi APITrack this API provides job listings by state or category from the JobSearchi website, which aggregates job listings from Craigslist, Indeed, Jooble, DE Jobs, SmartRecruiters and others. V2 of the API offers methods for collecting data on list categories, list jobs on selected categories, list states and list jobs on selected states.

1NCE is an IoT connectivity-only provider that features a flat rate and connectivity for M2M and IoT applications. Developers can programmatically manage the Connectivity Management Platform as well as SIM cards directly via REST APITrack this API, and integrate the SIM card management into their own systems. This API is listed in the Internet of Things category.

Scrapfly API is a Web scraping API that features anti-scraping protection, ban detection, screenshots, real-time dashboard for monitoring and debugging, automatic IP rotation, caching system, async, scheduler, DNS & SSL Information and more. The Scrapfly REST APITrack this API provides methods to manage scrapes and accounts. The Scrapfly GraphQL APITrack this API allows users to query web scraped data with GraphQL. Query fields include date, float, money, content, tag, children, siblings, parents, next, previous, and more. The Scrapfly Webhooks APITrack this API enables users to make Asynchronous web scrapes. This API is found in the Data Mining category.

Accidentor Road Accidents Detection APITrack this API can detect road accidents from an input video or photo. The API returns data about if there is a road accident, a confidence score of that event, a timestamp, plus tagId, and tagName. This Road Accidents Detection API is useful for automotive, travel, transportation and other applications. It is listed in the Recognition category.

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