Daily API RoundUp: Slatwall, Marketstack, HelloMD, Lacework, Qualisys

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Security and Stocks. Highlights include an API to interact with the Zeplin product design collaboration Platform and the Marketstack API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


apilayer's Marketstack is an APITrack this API that provides real-time, intraday, and historical stock data for more than 125,000 stock tickers from 72 stock exchanges. The API supports millions of concurrent API requests each day, and provides metadata, company information, and exchange information as well as stock data. It is listed in the Stocks category.

Zeplin is a platform for collaboration and handoff teams, built with developers in mind. The Zeplin APITrack this API in REST architecture provides programmatic access to a connected space for designers. Zeplin API provides access to projects, screens, notes, style guides, and components. To use the Zeplin API, create a personal access token or a Zeplin app. Find this API in the Design category.

See a demonstration of the Zeplin design collaboration platform on the Zeplin website

See a demonstration of the Zeplin design collaboration platform on the Zeplin website. Screenshot: Zeplin

HelloMD provides medical marijuana recommendations, cannabis news, and cannabis applications. The HelloMD APITrack this API enables developers to integrate cannabis shopping functionalities with their applications. This system rewards its users with prizes sponsored by cannabis brands and retailers. The HelloMD API is specifically used to process patients, and pre-populate registration forms. It is filed under the Drugs category.

Datashake provides APIs and web scraping tools to turn scraped data into intelligent data. The Datashake APITrack this API enables users to get information from 85 review sites, including Yelp, Etsy, AirBnB, Etsy, iMDB, TripAdvisor, Amazon, App Store, and others. Use the API to retrieve information for a given review profile, return the actual reviews from the scrape, retrieve a list of all your review profile jobs and more. Find this API in the Content category.

OneSky Systems is a provider of commercial drone management software, aerospace modeling and simulation services. The OneSky Systems APITrack this API provides direct access to routing, navigation, communications, and weather resources. It is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Robots category.

OneSky API features path flight airspace modeling capabilites

OneSky API features path flight airspace modeling capabilites. Image: OneSky Systems

Qiniu is a cloud service provider based in China with data intelligence and visual intelligence support. Qiniu offers object storage, data insights, CDN service with accelerated transmission, and high performance computing. The Qiniu APITrack this API enables developers to access and manage service buckets and data objects. Find this API in the Cloud category.

Slatwall Commerce is a Headless eCommerce platform. The Slatwall APITrack this API integrates eCommerce features for web, mobile, point of sale, and marketplaces. API methods are available for managing Authentication, accounts, carts, products, and the entire platform. This API is in the eCommerce category.

Lacework provides security for DevOps, workloads, containers, and cloud environments. The Lacework APITrack this API retrieves security data about DevOps from the Lacework cloud security platform. Methods are available to manage events, compliance, vulnerabilities, reports, downloads, and more. Find this API in the Security category.

Bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security via Lacework API

Bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security via Lacework API. Image: Lacework

Unofficial Walmart APITrack this API enables users to query for products, departments, stores, reviews, and other information from Walmart online stores. It is not officially associated with Walmart corporation.

API Spot provides various APIs for free or premium plans. The API Spot Email Filter APITrack this API validates email addresses. It increases the quality of users by eliminating low-quality and scam emails. The API checks syntax correctness, DNS records presence and if email is of free/disposable provider. The API Spot Currency Converter APITrack this API enables users to convert an amount from one currency to another.

Xendit is a payment service for Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The Xendit APITrack this API integrates payments, invoicing, and disbursement features into applications targeted for South East Asia markets. API methods are available to manage payment channels, credit cards, e-wallets, QR codes, retail outlets, invoices, recurring payments and more. The Xendit API is listed in the Payments category.

SkiReg is an online event registration service for skiing events. It provides registration, fundraising, marketing, and analytics tools all in one. The SkiReg.com Event Search APITrack this API allows developers to get skiing event search results in JSON format. These results are similar to the SkiReg event calendar. The SkiReg.com Event Director APITrack this API allows developers to sign in and retrieve event, category, and registration data for their skiing events. It is listed in the Events category.

Qualisys is a provider of motion capture technology for clinical use, virtual reality, and animation. Qualisys' motion capture cameras are able to calculate marker positions and record calibrated high-speed, high-resolution video. Developers can use the Qualisys APITrack this API to integrate 3rd-party devices such as Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), force plates, EMGs and eye trackers with Qualisys hardware and software. This API is listed in the Motion category.

Qualisys Track Manager (QTM) 2020.2 was recently released. Video: YouTube/Qualisys

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