Daily API RoundUp: SoftLedger, Liongard, EndlessMedical, Ballotpedia

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Messaging, Politics, and Healthcare. Featured in this article is an API for cryptographic identity as a service and an API that provides nonpartisan information about politics, elections, and candidates. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Beame.io is a cryptographic identity services provider capable of verifying user access privileges via Blockchain technology. The Beame APITrack this API is accessible indirectly via several SDKs, and offers encrypted, Decentralized, multi-factor verification for large groups, mobile, and IoT. Beame.io supports authenticated remote access, ephemeral containers for virtual machines, secure sign-on, and multi-factor Authentication. It is listed in the Identity category.

SoftLedger is accounting software targeted to cryptocurrency companies. The SoftLedger APITrack this API retrieves crypto asset accounting and reporting data. With the API, developers can integrate bills, cash receipts, coins information, contracts, crypto transactions, and invoices. The REST API supports JWT authentication and JSON format. The API is listed in the Accounting category.

SoftLedger API

Screenshot: SoftLedger

Ballotpedia provides neutral content concerning American politics and elections. The Ballotpedia APITrack this API retrieves candidate information including names, party affiliations, incumbency status, biographical information, contact information, campaign websites, district boundary maps, and election dates. Developers need to contact the provider for API and Documentation access. This API is listed in the Politics category.

Liongard provides unified management and automated system documentation for managed service providers (MSPs). With the Liongard APITrack this API, developers can implement data related to a system's timeline, detection, and alerts. They will be informed with daily snapshots of configuration data for cloud, network, and on-premise systems. The Liongard API is listed in the Cloud category.

Game Server Services (GS2) is a Japanese provider of game functionalities. GS2 features scalable server support, usage-based costs, customizable game functions (such as when creating an account or leveling up), in-game inventory, in-game currency, and matchmaking for multiplayer support. The GS2 REST APITrack this API can be utilized to access game management capabilities such as ranking or money, and in-game features including chat, and gold. It is listed in the Games category.

EndlessMedical is a free API that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide diagnostic information. The EndlessMedical API connects a user's symptoms and complaints, with test results and doctor's examination. It provides a list of possible diagnoses, incorporates test results and findings of physical examinations. This API is listed in the Healthcare category.

Nullafi is a security Platform used to protect sensitive data in organizations. This platform supports legacy and current data, simultaneous attack protection, threat analytics, diagnostics, reporting, and hive threat intelligence. The Nullafi APITrack this API provides access so approved third-party applications can interface via SDK. Nullafi was formerly known as Joinesty. The API is listed in the Security category.

The City of Chicago 311 service enables citizens to request city services, report non-emergency issues, and get updates on city work. The City of Chicago 311 APITrack this API allows developers to make requests directly to 311.The 311 service provides information about animals, consumer and employee protection, disability, garbage and recycling, health, home and buildings, parks, trees, and environment, public safety, seniors, and transportation and streets. It is listed in the Cities category.

DIM (Decentralized Instant Messaging) is a chat platform designed to be compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain account addresses. DIM features point-to-point Encryption, high concurrency, low latency, and high adaptability to regulatory requirements. The DIM APITrack this API can be used to integrate DIM with instant messaging applications, peer-to-peer transaction platforms, and IoT communication systems. It is listed in the Messaging category.

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