Daily API RoundUp: Sonde Health, Paprika, AstroIP, Postnord

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Food, Shipping or Science. Featured is an API that measures a person's health by their voice and an API that converts text from audio or video files. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Speechtext. AI APITrack this API enables applications to transcribe audio from media files into text. The API can recognize multiple speakers in many languages and add word-by-word timestamps, punctuation, casing to transcription results. It also domain-specific speech recognition technology enables users to improve the accuracy of automatic transcription for industries such as finance, healthcare, legal, IT, HR, and others. SpeechText.AI supports almost all common media file formats and can transcribe audio/video files stored on a hard drive or files accessible over public URLs ( HTTP, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). This API is listed in the Transcription category.

Speechtext AI

Screenshot: Speechtext.ai

Sonde Health Check APITrack this API measures the level of wellness/health in a given voice sample. A Respiratory Symptoms Risk score is returned from a voice input. This service could be useful to catch early symptoms of COVID-19 and distinguish between that and flu. The API can also be used to determine an Emotional Fitness score from voice input. Methods are available to manage users, Authentication, storage, measures and inference. The API is available to partners of Sonde Health. Sonde's Platform is HIPAA compliant and has banked over 200,000 voice samples to develop models. This API listed in the Healthcare category.

Trumail APITrack this API provides real time email verification services. Add the response format you're application is expecting ( JSON, JSONP or XML) and the email address you're interesting in verifying to a GET request to get the necessary response. The Trumail API is in the Email category.

Dimensions is an Abstracting & Indexing (A&I) database that links publications and citations with grants, patents, clinical trials, datasets, and policy papers to deliver a more holistic view of the research landscape. The Dimensions APITrack this API is accessible via a CURL or a Python SDK to query the database for discovery of content and asset retrieval. A Google Sheets connector add on is also available. The APIs are listed in the Science category.

Postnord provides letter and parcel services for individuals and businesses. The Postnord APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically interact with the service, with methods to manage delivery data, labels, track shipments, value added tax (VAT), location information, transport information, customer information and more. Postnord is available in the Nordic region. This API is listed in the Shipping category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Paprika is a recipe manager application for organizing recipes, meal planning, and grocery list creation. Paprika REST APITrack this API enables developers to interact with the Paprika application backend. Get data about recipes, status, pantry, groceries, bookmarks and more with the API, which is listed in the Food category.

AstroIP.co is an IP Geolocation and threat intelligence APITrack this API which enables users to personalize website content by user location. It can also identify potentially harmful connections, like proxies, TOR nodes and crawlers. Plus, it provides ASN information such as the IP block it manages, the abuse contact information, and type of ASN. AstroIP.co API also provides time zone, current time, local currency, latitude and longitude, company detail, ISP, language, zip code, country calling code and crypto information behind any IPv4 and IPv6. The API is in the Security category.

Tuxx Company Data Enrichment APITrack this API offers streaming data about a company from a Get request. The API returns data including company name, address, zip code and more. This API is listed in the B2B category.

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