Daily API RoundUp: SonicWeather, Firebase ML Kit, Planet, FullStory, LeadIQ

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Weather, Financial and Contacts. Highlights include an API for hyperlocal weather data and the ML Kit SDKs from Google/Firebase. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


SonicWeather provides unique hyper-local weather services. The SonicWeather APITrack this API integrates daily weather forecasts into applications, offering endpoints for rain, lightning detection, sunsets, rainbow probability, global temperature, frost probability, NexRad status, and the best time for cutting hay. APIs are free for commercial or private use if up to 10k calls per day. The SonicWeather API is listed under the Weather category.

Google Firebase provides tools to develop applications. The Firebase ML Kit APITrack this API offers indirect access to ML Kit iOS and Android SDKs. The SDKs allow users to apply Machine Learning technologies in mobile applications incorporating the Google Cloud Vision APITrack this API, TensorFlow Lite, and the Android Neural Networks APITrack this API. This technology arms mobile apps with text recognition, face detection, barcode scanning, image labeling and more. The API is listed in the Machine Learning category.

Planet provides daily satellite imagery and insights. The Planet Tiles APITrack this API returns data about tiled imagery of the Earth in desktop and web applications that support XYZ and WMTS protocols. With the API, developers can discover and display satellite imagery of the earth to display in web browsers. The Planet API is listed under the Satellites category.

Planet satellite imagery dates back to 2009, enabling users to see changes over time

Planet satellite imagery dates back to 2009, enabling users to see changes over time. Image: Planet

FDIC Bank Data APITrack this API returns bank, financial, and insurance data in JSON and CSV formats. Users can retrieve banking institution demographic and headquarter location data, plus FDIC-insured banks branches and locations and more with the API. It is filed under our Financial category.

CloudPronouncer APITrack this API enables applications to convert text to speech. This REST API supports 175 (and growing) Standard and Premium Voices in 31 languages and variants. The service may be used by any device that can connect to Internet and send the POST requests to the API. It uses cloud infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence to solve the requests. The CloudPronouncer API is listed under the Text-to-Speech category.

FullStory is a Platform designed to analyze and optimize digital experiences. FullStory features data recording, blacklisting and whitelisting for privacy, data imports, search capabilities, and session replays. FullStory REST APITrack this API is capable of delivering user session information, providing data export extracts, and managing existing users. The API requires JSON for requests, and responses. The FullStory API is listed under the Analytics category.

FullStory API

Image: FullStory

BetsAPI is a service that gives live results and fixtures on a variety of sports for betting purposes. BetsAPI offers several APIs for Integration, which we have added to the Gambling category. Bets BWin APITrack this API provides developers with programmatic access to inplay, event, prematch odds, and results data. This data is sourced from BWin, an online betting and gambling platform. Bets Betway APITrack this API provides access to data on inplay, upcoming matches, events, and results for various sports from Betway, a global online gambling company. Bets Betfair APITrack this API provides access to betting data from Betfair.

Cryptocurrency Alerting is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency alerting application. The Cryptocurrency Alerting APITrack this API enables users to track bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price movements, create exchange listings alerts and monitor wallet addresses. Use the API to create alerts and get notified in real-time via webhook, SMS, email, Telegram, Slack, Discord, or phone call. It is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

Secuconnect enables merchants to securely access data about their paying customers. The Secuconnect APITrack this API is a REST interface that enables payment and loyalty management in third-party applications. The API offers JSON responses associated with merchant data, loyalty cards, and customer information. The Secuconnect API is listed under the Payments category.

LeadIQ is a sales prospecting tool for lead generation. The LeadIQ APITrack this API provides programmatic access to a large B2B dataset of prospect data. This API uses GraphQL to provide ways to find a contact by name and company or LinkedIn URL. The LeadIQ GraphQL API is listed under the Contacts category.

Datafinder provides predictive marketing, analytics, and data append services. The Datafinder Hygiene APITrack this API in REST architecture returns data with lead validation and consumer contact verification details, and it enables users to clean their contacts data. The API is also listed under the Contacts category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Contacts APIs.

World Bank is a global organization that works to relieve poverty. They offer a number of data services including the World Bank Country APITrack this API. This API returns country data including region, income level, ISO codes, lending type, capital city, longitude, and latitude. Developers can list all countries to collect data when they make calls that display JSON and XML formats. The API is listed under the Countries category.

Bold360 is customer engagement and AI software from LogMeIn. The Bold360 APITrack this API in REST architecture returns chat, messages, agents, reports and customer service features in JSON format. It is listed in our Chat category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Chat APIs.

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