Daily API RoundUp: Soundslice, Censys, wallhaven, GNewsAPI, NetHunt

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Health, Cryptocurrency, and Transportation. Highlights include an API for maintaining a secure remote workforce, an alternative API for Google News, and an API for 3D dentistry imagery. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


wallhaven provides high quality digital wallpapers. The wallhaven APITrack this API enables users to query and search the wallhaven wallpaper image database. It returns information such as views, information, category, purity, dimensions, resolution, ratio, colors, URLs of the images in different sizes including thumbnail and full size, and more. The API also offers tag info, user settings, user information and more. This API is filed under Images.

Query a huge database of wallpapers with wallhaven API

Query a huge database of wallpapers with wallhaven API. Image: wallhaven

Open Trivia Database is a free, user contributed trivia database. The Open Trivia Database APITrack this API offers a specified number of trivia questions via category, difficulty, type, encoding. JSON is returned. This API is listed in the Trivia category.

BitCombine APITrack this API offers cryptocurrency trading, real-time data collection, and exchange account management services. The API supports 3500 cryptocurrencies from 40 exchanges and more than 18,600 currency pairs. Methods are available to get balances, exchanges, order books, symbols and tickers, and to manage cancellations, orders, and withdrawals. This API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Censys is a service to help organizations understand their external exposure. The service can help users discover unknown assets and risks, identify and understand threats, monitor and secure remote workforce, and enrich alerts with fresh data. The Censys APITrack this API enables programmatic access to the service, with methods to search and view data, get bulk structured data, get reports, metadata and account information. The Censys API Censys comes from the team behind the open source ZMap Internet Scanner. This API is filed under Security.

Soundslice provides tools for learning music by syncing audio, video and music notation into a hybrid audio player / music notation viewer. The Soundslice APITrack this API offers details about data in an account holder's slice account. The API offers methods to manage slices (pieces of music), slice notations, recordings, folders and more. The API is listed in the Music category.

Soundslice API

Screenshot: Soundslice

Freterium is a Transport Management (TMS) Platform. The Freterium Optim APITrack this API is designed for route optimization for fleet cost reduction and efficiency. The API returns the best vehicle routes overview (VRO) available for fleets with data such as traffic, location, weight, minimum and maximum visits per vehicle, time windows, capacity constraints, driver shifts, visit durations, etc. taken into consideration. The API is listed in the Transportation category.

NetHunt offers CRM with integrations for Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Workspace, enabling users to build pipelines, organize contacts, send email campaigns, collaborate, share templates, automate tasks, track performance and more. The NetHunt APITrack this API enables users to integrate with the NetHunt CRM service. The API offers methods to manage files, folders, records, credentials and more. NetHunt API is listed under CRM.

GNews APITrack this API offers worldwide news data with a single API. This API is an alternative to Google news API. Search news and retrieve article title, URL, description, published time and date, image, source name, source URL, source domain with this API. It's filed in News Services.

togo420.com is a technology platform to connect cannabis dispensaries and consumers in the United States & Canada. The togo420 APITrack this API enables ordering of cannabis products. Methods are available to manage orders as well as retrieve valid states and catalogue information. Find this API in the eCommerce category.

Dentomo is dental image recognition software. Dentomo APITrack this API offers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for the interpretation of CBCT images in order to identify diverse oral pathologies as well as previous treatments in the patient's mouth. This API is listed in the Health category.

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