Daily API RoundUp: Space Launch Now, ETNA, AcousticBrainz, Trail Run Project

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Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Customer Relationship Management, Music, and Transportation. Highlights include the Google Cloud Healthcare API and an API for space launch information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Google Cloud Healthcare API is now available in beta. The Google Cloud Healthcare APITrack this API provides a RESTful interface to return healthcare insights and data plus analytic tools for visualization and Machine Learning such as BigQuery, vCloud Datalab, Tableau, AutoML and Cloud ML Engine. The API enables device and real-time Integration of datasets, locations, policies and more, with care health care networks that require HIPPA compliance. A Google Cloud Healthcare RPC APITrack this API is also available. The Google Cloud Healthcare API is listed under the Healthcare category.

Cal-Adapt provides climate change tools and resources and is developed by the Geospatial Innovation Facility at the University of California, Berkeley. The Cal-Adapt APITrack this API provides programmatic access to climate data such as rain and temperature averages, wildfire, snowpack, extreme drought scenarios and more. It allows users to access only the data requested, without downloading the entire dataset. The API is listed under the Climate category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Climate APIs.

Zapier provides tools to connect software applications and automate workflows. The Zapier Partner APITrack this API is available by request, allowing flexibility and control over User Experience with Zapier. With the API, developers can access Zap templates to customize a product's style, look, and feel. A Zap is an automated task made from combining app features from Gmail, Trello, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, etc. The Zapier Partner API is listed in the Integration category.

Space Launch Now is a Resource and mobile app that provides updates on spaceflight missions globally. The Space Launch Now APITrack this API is a Restful service that allows users to view space stations, returns all launch objects or a single launch, returns previous launch objects and more. Operations are supported for DELETE GET POST PATCH and PUT with JSON formatted responses. This API is listed under the Astronomy category.

Space Launch Now provides space launch updates and data, plus an API for integration

Space Launch Now provides space launch updates and data, plus an API for integration. Images: Space Launch Now/GooglePlay/Caleb Jones

Magic Telecom DID APITrack this API automates the ordering and configuration of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers. The API features a REST architecture, and enables the management of accounts, access tokens, caller locations, checkout carts, and call detail records. Data is available as JSON objects. The Magic Telecom DID API is listed under the Telephony category.

The Corporate Earnings Calendar APITrack this API provides JSON responses with daily earnings as reported by registered companies. Developers can include an ISO 8601 date parameter for specific dates. This API is free to use and does not require Authentication; however, requests are limited to 1 query per second. The API is listed under the Business category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Business.

Kitewheel offers a customer journey Platform that enables journey mapping and design, automation, optimization support, and analytics. Kitewheel Graph is the basic building block for customer journey execution. The Kitewheel Graph APITrack this API allows for Kitewheel business logic integration, including orchestrated events, and personalized customer experiences across all interaction channels. This API is listed under the Customer Relationship Management category.

Flexie is an automation technology platform and CRM service. The Flexie APITrack this API enables management of several resources offered by the service including leads, contacts, and accounts. This data is available in JSON. Flexie features workflow engine, multiple SMTP, multiple IMAP, multiple dashboards, leads scoring, case management, and contacts management. The Flexie API is also listed under the Customer Relationship Management category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of CRM APIs.

ETNA provides a white label financial trading platform for online brokers and digital advisors. The ETNA OMS API is an Order and Execution Management System API that automates trade submissions, reporting, trade allocations and track order status, positions, and account balances. Developers can use the API to create financial trading applications. The ETNA OMS Websockets APITrack this API provides pushed messages for indicating quotes, orders, positions and other events. ETNA APIs are listed under the Financial category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Financial APIs.

MetroHero is an independent WMATA DC Metrorail app. The MetroHero APITrack this API provides access to realtime information on the DC Metro system. For the Metrorail, developers can get system metrics, trip information, train positions, train reports, station reports, and more. The Metrobus endpoints are still in beta, but so far, developers can get route metrics, bus positions, bus reports, bus predictions, and stop reports. Developers will need to request an API Key before they can access the API. The MetroHero API is listed under the Transportation category.

Get DC Metrorail and Metrobus data with the MetroHero API

Get DC Metrorail and Metrobus data with the MetroHero API. Screenshot: dcmetrohero.com

AcousticBrainz is a crowdsourced music analysis platform and database. This AcousticBrainz Web APITrack this API provides a way to get and submit music semantic data to and from the AcousticBrainz server. The data is computed, stored, and retrievable via JSON in two levels: low and high. The low-level data includes acoustic descriptors, dynamics and spectral shape, rhythm descriptors and tonal information. High-level data includes information about moods, genres, vocals and more. The AcousticBrainz API is listed under the Music category.

Digitransit is an open source journey planner platform. The Digitransit Geocoding APITrack this API is a traditional REST interface that provides a way to perform address searches and address lookups (reverse geocoding). This API supports GET requests to perform searches with geocoding results that are returned in GeoJSON format. A Digitransit GraphQL APITrack this API is also offered, and provides a way to plan itineraries and query public transportation related information about stops and timetables using GraphQL. The API is listed under the Transportation category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Transportation APIs.

Trail Run Project is a crowdsourced website for running trails information. The Trail Run Project Data APITrack this API returns limited information on publicly available pages on the Trail Run Project site in JSON format. The API returns trails for a given query, trails for a given ID, conditions for a trail, and up to 200 of the user's to-dos. Trail Run Project is backed by REI's Adventure Projects, Inc. The API is listed under the Recreation category.

Northpass is a modern Learning Management System (LMS) for online training. The Northpass APITrack this API in REST architecture returns training, education, and LMS data in JSON and JSON API formats. Developers can implement learners, quizzes, coupons, analytics, and assignments into eLearning applications. It is listed under the Learning Management Systems category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Learning Management Systems APIs.

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