Daily API RoundUp: Spire, PubNub, Apple, ElenaSport, Klippa

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, and Auto. Some highlights are an API that returns data about Superheros from multiple sources, and an API that uses Machine Learning for crawling the web. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Wheel-Size is a wheel fitment database. Wheel-Size offers the Wheel Fitment APITrack this API to provide information associated with rims and tires for vehicles manufactured since the year 2000. Specific car data is available including bolts, countries, generations, makes, markets, and years. The API is listed in the Auto category.

Wheel Fitment API

Screenshot: Wheel-size.co

Spire is a data company that focuses on "collecting data from space to solve problems on Earth." The Spire Aviation APITrack this API enables aircraft target updates from satellite and ground sources. The API provides historical data, and the latest know information for every known aircraft. The Spire Aviation API is listed under the Air Travel category.

SuperHero APITrack this API returns data associated with superheroes and villains from all fictional comics universes (DC Comics, Marvel, etc.). The REST API is capable of providing powerstats (super powers), biography, appearance, work, connections, and images. Facebook is required to generate an access Token. This API is listed in the Entertainment category.

Apple offers the App Store Connect APITrack this API to automate tasks on the Apple Developer website and App Store Connect. It allows developers to build custom workflows to automate actions such as testing Builds, provisioning, managing users, and getting sales reports in App Store Connect. This API is listed under the Application Development category.

ACHE by New York University provides web crawler capabilities capable of collecting web pages that satisfy domains or user-specified patterns. The ACHE Crawler APITrack this API uses page classifiers to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant pages in a given domain. The REST API can be utilized to retrieve crawler metrics, and effectuate crawler actions. It is listed in the Data Mining category.

Axesso offers the Axesso Walmart Data Service APITrack this API to profide detailed Walmart product information including manufacturer, reviews, and pricing. Developers can request recommendations, seller prices, sorting options, and utilize the search functionality. The API supports JSON responses. An Axesso Amazon Product Lookup API is also available. The API is listed in the Products category.

ElenaSport offers historical and live global soccer match data. ElenaSport APITrack this API returns information associated with soccer leagues, seasons, statistics, logos, players, and teams. This API is listed in the Sports category.

Klippa is an invoice and receipt scanning application. The Klippa OCR APITrack this API is a fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine for all European languages. Developers can enable applications to read documents like receipts, invoices, identity sources and contracts, that are all supported out of the box. The API is listed in the OCR category.

ContextualWeb provides easy to use search APIs. The ContextualWeb News APITrack this API provides up-to-date and relevant results for news search queries. The ContextualWeb news dataset includes billions of news articles from over 100,000 sources and is updated throughout the day. Use the API to Fetch general or topical news articles, or aggregate articles for data analytics or machine learning purposes. It is listed in the News Services category.

IonPush APITrack this API allows users to publish changes and updates to mobile applications without recompiling the app and resubmitting to an app store review process. This is very useful for publishing bug fixes, integrate A/B tests, changes of UI/ UX, and content. This API is listed in the Application Development category.

PubNub is a cloud-based, real-time messaging service for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, HTML5 web browsers and game consoles. PubNub provides developers with APIs for chat, alerts, and IoT device control. PubNub Mobile Push APITrack this API allows users to deliver APNS and/or GCM push notifications for connections to the PubNub network in ordre to receive published messages in realtime. The PubNub Websockets APITrack this API provides a way to subscribe to a custom data channel and log all sent messages over that channel on the console. PubNub APIs are listed under the Messaging category.

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