Daily API RoundUp: Strapi, TestProject, Flock, Stackpile, BonAPI

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Recreation, Location, and eCommerce. Highlights include an API that offers dietary substitutions, and API that reads license plates in Isreal, and an API for Stackpile installation tool. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Strapi is an open source, Node.js Headless content management system (CMS). The Strapi APITrack this API (v3) enables users to query content entries and perform CRUD functions with those entries. The API also enables users to perform administrative tasks within the CMS, such as configure controllers, services, plugins and more. Strapi connects with databases, frontend frameworks, or static site generators, and deploys in one-click to Heroku, AWS, and other hosting providers. A GraphQL plugin is also available for the API. The API is listed under Content Management.

TestProject is a free Test Automation Platform that's community supported. The TestProject APITrack this API enables project set-up and automation for web, mobile and API testing. Manage jobs, projects, agents, test packages, reports and more with the API. It is listed in the Testing category.

TestProject API can schedule automation, get status and retrieve testing results

TestProject API can schedule automation, get status and retrieve testing results. Screenshot: TestProject

Flock is a Human Resources and benefits company that offers onboarding, HRIS, benefits, goals, and compliance solutions. The Flock APITrack this API enables Integration including retrieval of salary compensation information, plus health insurance data including medical, dental, and vision. The API is listed in the Human Resources category.

Spiffy Stores is all-in-one eCommerce software. The Spiffy Stores APITrack this API provides a way to access and manage data from an eCommerce store. The API enables developers to share data, manage accounting, PoS, fulfillment, and shipping, plus more. Spiffy Stores also provides a Webhooks APITrack this API for events notifications. Both APIs are filed under eCommerce.

Stackpile is a software integration installation tool. The Stackpile Unified Analytics APITrack this API sends custom tracking and user identification events to all installed apps without having to implement each API individually. Data can come from Keenio, Google Analytics, Amplitude, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, and others. The API is listed in the Integration category.

API provides programmatic access to Stackpile

API provides programmatic access to Stackpile. Screenshot: Stackpile

BonAPI is an interface that provides dietary alternatives for food oriented applications. The BonAPI APITrack this API can filter and offer dietary options by preference (pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan), allergies and intolerance (eggs, nuts, lactose), and preparation technique (boiling, deep frying, sauteing). The API provides ingredient substitutions in JSON format. It is filed under Food.

Nanotify enables developers to build services for notifications of events. The Nanotify REST APITrack this API enables users to receive and manage data from the Nanotify notifications service, including watcher management, and account management. Examples are available in Shell, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. The Nanotify API and a Nanotify Webhooks APITrack this API for notifications are listed under the Notifications category.

Geoapify API integrates location intelligence features with third parties. The APITrack this API enables location suggestions through Geocoding, routing between 2 or multiple locations, isolines, point of interest information, and calculated geometries. This API features REST architecture, and follows a freemium pricing model. It is filed under Location.

theCrag is a global collaborative rock climbing and bouldering platform that provides solutions for climbers, route setters and advocacy groups, gyms, camps and more. theCrag APITrack this API enables programmatic access to rock climbing information. Data includes protected Resource access, country, climber, area/route, ascent, trip, photo, copyright, etc. Also available are WebhooksTrack this API callbacks for changes to the database. The API is listed under Recreation.

theCrag API for getting rock climbing content is in Beta release

theCrag API for getting rock climbing content is in Beta release. Screenshot: theCrag

Israel Car License Plate APITrack this API can be used to determine the make, model, VIN, fuel type, body type, and other technical specifications of a vehicle registered in Israel based on its registration number (license plate). The API applies to cars, motorbikes, and heavy vehicles. The API is listed in the Auto category.

Tuxx provides various information APIs for developers. The Company name from URL API returns the brand name from a given URL or email address. This interface is also capable of finding names from institutions. Currently, the API works best for Dutch websites. The API is listed in the B2B category.

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