Daily API RoundUp: Stripe Relay, Sheetsu, Pointpin, Pwint.ly, VC4A

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Funding, Payments, and Spreadsheets. Here, we summarize the new additions and how they can assist developers.


VC4A (Venture Capital for Africa) is a Platform for funding African startup companies. The VC4A API allows developers to interact in a programmatic way with the VC4A platform data. Data provided includes startup name, capital amount, location by geocoordinates, dates of funding, fund status, and more.

map of trending ventures from VC4A
Venture Capital for Africa's interactive map of trending ventures / image: VC4A


We've categorized the VC4A API under the Funding category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Funding APIs.

Stripe is an API-centric online payments platform. The Stripe Relay API extends the capabilities of the Stripe API and lets users buy products across different media such as tweets and advertisements. The Relay API is REST based and uses the API Key method for Authentication. We've categorized this API under the Payments category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Payments APIs.

Sheetsu allows users to turn spreadsheets into APIs. The Sheetsu API lets developers integrate a spreadsheet to an API conversion system in order to use spreadsheets as databases. It supports forms, surveys, and mailing lists.

turn Google Sheets into APIs with Sheetsu
POST and GET your data to Google Spreadsheet with Sheetsu


The Sheetsu API is listed under the Spreadsheets category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Spreadsheets APIs.

Harvard's Open Data Dataverse Project focuses on sharing research data, and is maintained by The Institute for Quantitative Social Science. The Dataverse includes the Harvard Course Planner API, which offers access to Harvard's student course management data. Users can add or remove courses via their own Course Planner. We've categorized the ccc API under the Education category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Education APIs.

The Pointpin API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Pointpin service, which give provides applications IP geolocation information. This API is listed under the Location category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Location APIs.

Pwint.ly helps users sell their printed photographs. The pwint.ly API allows merchants to register photos with Pwint.ly's system, and get URLs which customers can follow to purchase a products made from the photos. including prints, canvases, posters, phone cases, etc. We've categorized the Pwint.ly API under the Printing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Printing APIs.

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