Daily API RoundUp: StrongSalt, Zvelo, Spare, mParticle, TSA Wait Times

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Privacy, and Charity. Highlights include the Zvelo API, which can classify content and sniff out malicious activity, and an API for Encryption-as-a-service. Here's a look at what is new.


Zvelo enables granular categorizions of web content powered by human-supervised Artificial Intelligence. The Zvelo APITrack this API integrates malicious detection and content classification with applications. Zvelo API filters objectionable category values mapped to IAB taxonomies including malicious website detection, piracy, pornography, and violent content among others. The Zvelo API is listed in the Classification category.

Zvelo API

Screenshot: Zvelo

StrongSalt provides an encryption-as-a-service Platform. The StrongSalt Open Privacy APITrack this API enables developers to include built-in data protection and user privacy within applications. It aims to be for privacy what Stripe is for payments or Twilio is for communications. The API is listed in the Privacy category.

Apollorion Terraform Version APITrack this API enables users to get specific versions of the Terraform.io infrastructure tool, all versions of Terraform, or the latest version of Terraform. Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and Versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. The API is separated by architecture in an easy to use REST format. This API is not provided by Terraform, but by Apollorion, a separate organization. It is in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service category.

Apollorion also provides the Ohio Lottery Information APITrack this API, which provides data about the Ohio lottery. It displays how many claims of a certain amount for a certain scratch off are still in the wild. This includes future support for other lottery services like previous Powerball numbers and more. It is listed under Gambling.

TSA Wait Times APITrack this API retrieves the current estimated wait times, TSA PreCheck lines, and airport delays for all U.S. airports. Developers can make calls that will display XML responses in return.

Spare is a platform for charitable giving. The Spare APITrack this API enables users to integrate the platform for fundraising applications. It enables users to make a cash transfer to someone living on less than $2 a day into an existing product. Spare manages all the logistics to ensure the donation reaches the intended recipient. The API is listed under Charity.

mParticle is a customer data platform. The mParticle Profile APITrack this API can be used to query identities, user attributes, audience memberships, and other data available on an mParticle user profile. The Profile API can be used to drive engagement via one-to-one personalized experiences for users across any channel. mParticle Events APITrack this API was also added, for gathering event, device and audience data. The API is listed in the Data-as-a-Service category.

intakeQ is an online form platform for healthcare service providers. Developers user the intakeQ APITrack this API to implement form services into applications with functions for managing clients, appointment management, invoicing & billing, and accounts and subscriptions. intakeQ features cover HIPAA compliance, e-Signature support, forms conversion, website Integration, branding use, and flexible question formats. The API is listed in the Healthcare category.

Target365 enables several business to consumer tools including communications (SMS, email, and business chat), digital payments, and CRM support. Target365 offers fixed payment fees, 99.99% uptime, and chat bots. Target365 offers this APITrack this API indirectly through SDKs in several languages for easy integration.

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