Daily API RoundUp: Svrf, IndoorAtlas, LeanIX, National Park Service

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Recreation, Cryptocurrency and Medical. Highlights include an API for returning data about fish and fishery science and an API for National Park information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


rOpenSci is a non-profit that advocates for sharing of scientific data. The Fishbase API returns fish data provided by rOpenSci. With this API, developers can implement data about fish ecology, ecosystems, fecundity, food items, maturity, population growth, reproduction, species, and swimming. The REST API uses backend SQL and it queries data in JSON format. The Fishbase API is listed under the Science category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Science APIs.

National Park Service API returns data about U.S. national park events, news, and alerts. With the API, developers can implement information about campgrounds, lesson plans, parks, people, places, and visitor centers into applications. The API is listed under the Recreation category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Recreation APIs.

Saturn Network API provides access to a Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. The API supports returning a record for every token ever traded on the exchange, access to dashboard summaries, transaction queries, and exchange contracts. The Saturn Network API is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

Svrf enables a search engine for Virtual Reality and immersive experiences. The Svrf API features REST architecture and provides access to the media ID, trending experiences, and search endpoints. The API uses JSON for requests and responses. Svrf features a variety of resolutions, projections, and file formats to accommodate clients. This API is listed under the Augmented Reality category.

Some screenshots of VR content choices on Svrf

Some screenshots of VR content choices on Svrf. Image: Svrf

Lobster Media enables users to obtain instant licenses to 7 million University Grants Commission (UGC) photos and videos. The Lobster Media API provides programmatic access to the Lobster Media collection, with API methods to retrieve contents, collections, purchase information, plus to purchase content. This API is listed under the Media category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Media APIs.

SLASCONE helps software and IoT vendors license and monitor their products, with minimal engineering effort. The SLASCONE API enables users to add licensing features to applications using methods for vendors and licensees to manage products, features, customers, users, license seats, limitations, devices, templates, editions and more. This API is listed under the Licensing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Licensing APIs.

IndoorAtlas is an indoor positioning Platform for wayfinding inside of buildings. The IndoorAtlas Positioning API enables device location with Wi-Fi, and access to floor plan metadata. This API supports methods for venue information, POST location services, and floor plans. The IndoorAtlas Data API is an experimental interface that provides indoor mapping session data to approved clients. Both APIs are listed in the Mapping category.

Indooratlas on Smartwatch Demo Video: YouTube/IndoorAtlas

Widgety provides technology for the vacation cruise industry. The Widgety API returns content about cruises in JSON and XML formats. With the API, developers can retrieve data about cruises from 60 operators and more than 600 ships, plus ports, places, events, promotions, and operators. The Widgety API is listed under the Tourism category.

Random Useless Facts API provides facts in JSON, HTML, TXT, and MD format. Language can be specified by adding an additional parameter. The API supports returning random useless facts or returning the fact of the day, and is listed in the Entertainment category.

GetGuidelines is an API that returns medical guidelines from organizations such as CDC, USPSTF and American Cancer Society for submitting demographic and biomedical data for patients. With the API, developers can implement screening procedures, vaccinations, body mass index, blood pressure, ethnicity, pregnancy, coronary artery calcium score, and conditions. There's no Protected Health Information exchanged, therefore it is HIPAA compliant. The API is listed under the Medical category.

Rasa is a service for creating artificial intellgience assistants for text and voice platforms. The Rasa API is REST based, and supports methods for events that modify the internal state of dialogs. JSON is the preferred response format. It is filed in the Artificial Intelligence category.

Open Pinball Database (OPDB) provides searchable data about pinball machines and an API to add pinball machine data into applications. All OPDB data results are JSON formatted and available via REST API for querying data about specific machines, retrieving exports of the entire dataset, using specialized endpoints for typeahead searching and more. The OPDB API is listed under the Games category.

Get pinball machine information with OPDB API

Get pinball machine information with OPDB API. Image: OPDB/The Internet Pinball Database

Sunglade Digital Solutions operates the YTVD Grabber, which provides this Web Service for Hindi and Telugu song lyrics. The YTVD Grabber Bollywood Lyrics API enables developers to retrieve lyrics by date, artist, album, and YouTube ID. It is listed in the Lyrics category.

LeanIX provides enterprise architecture management solutions. This LeanIX Metrics API service provides a way to store time series data in LeanIX. This data can come from various sources, which are relevant to Business, Development or Operations. A webhooks API is also available to receive customizable event notifications. The LeanIX APIs are listed under the Software-as-a-Service category.

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