Daily API RoundUp: Symantec, TaxJar, DroneBase

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Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Messaging, Payments, and Taxes . Also new to the directory are APIs for integrating banking services from Royal Bank of Canada and the DroneBase drone services API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


TaxJar provides eCommerce sales tax calculation services in the U.S. and 30 other countries including VAT in the EU and Canada. The TaxJar SalesTax API provides sales tax computation and data for application developers. The API discerns tax levels for different types of products, locations, shipping, origin-based vs destination-based, and more. This API is listed under the Taxes category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Taxes APIs.

DroneBase is a FAA approved drone services company which allows users to book professional drone aerial imagery, video, and data. The DroneBase Partners Missions API is used to create missions in the DroneBase Platform. Drone pilots are available for a variety of industries, such as commercial and residential real estate, construction, insurance, and telecom. With this API, aerial imagery is received and ready-made to embed into apps and websites, with customized logos, details, and social media share information. Also available is the DroneBase Partners Webhooks API, which will POST the mission Payload documented each time a mission is updated. Both Dronebase APIs are listed under the Robots category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Robots APIs.

Add custom drone video footage to applications with DroneBase

Add custom drone video footage to applications with DroneBase API. Image: DroneBase

ExpertTexting provides mass SMS services to businesses and other organizations. The ExpertTexting SMS API is in REST architecture and returns data about messaging and bulk SMS for marketing and advertising purposes. This API is listed under the Messaging category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Messaging APIs.

Symantec DeepSight Intelligence provides data about cyberthreats to IT security teams. The RESTful Symantec DeepSight Intelligence API, provides cyber intelligence sourced from the largest civiliian threat collection network. Retrievable content includes both technical intelligence such as vulnerabilities, malicious IP/URLs/hashes and adversary intelligence including actors/groups, campaigns, TTPs, and indicators. The DeepSight Intelligence API is listed under the Security category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Security APIs.

WEX.nz is a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace. Use the WEX Public API to construct applications that provide access to a variety of trading parameters including tickers of currency pairs, active orders on different pairs, and latest trades, among others. The WEX Trade API to construct apps that facilitate trading on the exchange and receiving information from the exchange. And the WEX Push API provides real time access to trading information. The WEX APIs have been added to our rapidly growning Cryptocurrency category.

TransNational Payments provides services to manage merchant payment processing for in-store, online and mobile transactions. The technology features integrated Quick Chip EMV and fraud prevention. The TransNational Payments API is a JSON-based service which uses machine-learning algorithms to prevent and detect suspicious processing activity. The API is listed under the Payments category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Payments APIs.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), one of Canada's largest banks, has launched the RBC Developer portal which includes a set of banking APIs and developer Sandbox. We've added the APIs to our Banking category, as are listed below.

RBC Branch Locator API returns Branch location data, offering a search feature for finding branches based on the nearest location.

RBC Branch Session API can create new sessions to locate RBC Branches, when working in conjunction with the RBC Branch Locator API.

RBC Amortization Schedule API calculates a number of payments associated with a mortgage amount, amortization period, interest details, and payment details.

RBC Minimum Down Payment API calculate a minimum down payment for purchasing a new home. Use the API To query parameters include property value and start and end date of payments.

RBC Product Value API can access PVR values by using a business interface, providing knowledge of business, product family, and individual products.

RBC Safety Deposit Box Inventory API displays the presence of safety boxes at an RBC banking branch, accepting a transit number to return a message.

Alphabet-funded startup Coord has provided APIs for cities and transport companies to access data about streetside curbs, transport, and parking. We've added the APIs to our Transportation category, and listed them here.

Coord Toll Search API retrieves data about the prices and locations of toll roads.

Coord Parking Access API enables applications to authorize end users to park at a supported parking location.

Coord Ride Hail API allows users to search for available ride hail systems (such as Lyft or Uber) and ride types, get price estimates, travel time estimates, request a ride, cancel a ride, and more.

Coord Bike Share Access API provides applications access to the Coord platform to rent bikes, view passes, view bike sessions, and more.

Coord Curb Search API provides access to a description of what users can do on a curb. API methods are available to retrieve uses (such as parking or loading) and vehicles (taxi, commercial, motorcycle, etc.), geometry and direction, and temporary rules (such as construction zones).

Coord Curb Search API enables applications to find parking spots, loading zones

Coord Curb Search API enables applications to find parking spots, loading zones. Image: Coord

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