Daily API RoundUp: Targomo, Centra, NetFoundry, Spott, Inoreader

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Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Healthcare, Security, and Networking. Featured is an API for the Alan AI-based chat Platform, an API for NetFoundry network creation operations, and APIs for Targomo for route planning.


SimplyVital Health is a healthcare technology provider. The SimplyVital Health Aletheia APITrack this API is a Blockchain based event logging service that allows users to create a new log on the blockchain, get a list of logs available and more. The aim of the API is to increase transparency while providing security and privacy. This API is listed in the Healthcare category.

Centra is a direct-to-consumer and wholesale e-commerce platform. Three Centra APIs were recently added to the eCommerce category of ProgrammableWeb. The Centra Checkout APITrack this API enables eCommerce merchants to add checkout functions to applications, with methods for orders, payments, receipts, and vouchers. The Centra Shop APITrack this API enables users to connect to an eCommerce store and put items in a shopping cart. And the Centra Subscription APITrack this API returns packages and payments data in addition to subscription features.

Alan is an AI-based conversational platform designed for enterprise applications. Alan supports spoken language understanding, analytics, automated testing, synchronized visual confirmation, usage statistics, and supervised learning modules. The Alan APITrack this API is accessible through SDKs. The Alan API is listed under the Artificial Intelligence category.

Add conversational chat functions to applications with Alan AI API

Add conversational chat functions to applications with Alan AI API. Screenshot: Alan AI

Spott provides tools for applications to handle geographical places. The Spott APITrack this API enables appications to search for cities, countries and administrative divisions by name, autocompletion or IP. Data returned includes population, timezone, and geocoordinates. The service can also determine locations from user's input, such as a Twitter profile. This API is powered by the GeoNames.org database and is listed under the Location category.

NetFoundry integrates cloud-native software-defined networks. NetFoundry allows developers to control networking without deploying and managing infrastructure. The NetFoundry APITrack this API enables organizations, network lists, data center information, and more. This is listed in the Networking category.

SIBS provides payment services in several countries including Algeria, Angola, Malta, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal and others. Some SIBS APIs were recently added to the Financial category including SIBS Availability of Funds APITrack this API enables users to verify, in real time, if your client has a certain amount of funds available. Also added are the SIBS Periodic Payment Initiation APITrack this API to create a periodic Multibanco payment initiation request and SIBS Payment Initiation APITrack this API to initiate a client's payment via Multibanco payment services.

Inoreader is a content reader tool for users that want to save time. The Inoreader APITrack this API provides basic information about the RSS Feed content reader tool, including logged in user, unread counters for folders, tags and feeds. It also returns the articles for a given collection and more. The Inoreader API is listed under the Feeds category.

AlienVault by AT&T provides cloud storage data integrity, single-tenant data store, password policies, sensor deployment, and vulnerability scanning. The AlienVault APITrack this API provides access to the company's flagship USM Anywhere and USM Central security monitoring data. The AlienVault API is listed under the Security category.

Architect.io APITrack this API enables cloud based collaboration, deployment automation, and networking capabilities. Architect.io's deployments provision services on any Container platform such as Kubernetes. Architect.io provides clear insights into expected network traffic and its corresponding network policies. Several SDKs provide indirect access to the API, which is listed in the Cloud category.

Targomo is a platform for geographic network analysis, data, visualisation and route planning. Four Targomo APIs were recently added to the mapping category.

Targomo Fleet Planning APITrack this API provides vehicle routing and planner services. It aims to optimize order distribution, minimize tour length, and calculate an efficient way to fullfill a shipment. Methods are available for vehicle, optimization, travel options, store, transport, time intervals, and more.

Targomo Statistics Service APITrack this API returns statistics groups about travel locations. It also calculates an optimal routes based on travel times.

Targomo Points of Interest APITrack this API retrieves requests related to points of interest (POI) on mapping routes. Users can receive POIs in polygon and non polygon shapes, with the calculation and centroid of an entity.

Targomo Vector APITrack this API retrieves statistical data to display as vectors (map tiles).

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