Daily API RoundUp: Teamup, Bees360, Terbine, IntelOwl, Productsup

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Banking and Collaboration. Highlights include an API for Teamup team calendar Platform, an API for music analysis, and an API for Bees360 drone property assessment services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Teamup is a shared calendar service used to organize teams, schedule work, manage availability, and share events. The Teamup APITrack this API enables developers to access calendars, manage access keys, and manage sub-calendars. It is listed in the Calendar category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.


Manage team calendars with Teamup, integrateable via REST API

Manage team calendars with Teamup, integrateable via REST API. Screenshot: Teamup

Upwave is a visual collaboration platform to organize, plan, track, and get things done as a team all in one location. The Upwave APITrack this API allows developers to integrate the platform into projects. The API provides methods for programmatically accessing workspaces, teams, boards, members, cards, task list items, comments, and attachments. It is filed under the Collaboration category.

Productsup provides seamless product data and Feed management across all eCommerce channels. The Productsup APITrack this API allows developers to access Productsup's product content Integration, optimization, and distribution services programmatically. Developers can use the API to create and manage sites, create and manage projects, read and write product data, get channels and channel history, get import history, and more. This API is listed in the Products category.

Bees360 is an AI-powered drone pilot network for property inspections. The Bees360 APITrack this API provides a way to access drone data for property evaluation including surveying of storm, tornado, or fire damage or work needed for insurance and underwriting purposes. Use this API to manage drone operation projects, reports, image files and more. The Bees360 API is listed in the Robots category.

Video: YouTube/Bees360

Moondex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The MoonDEX APITrack this API enables developers to integrate cryptocurrency market data and order support with their applications. The API returns order books for a given market, coin summaries, and market histories. Additionally, the API is used to place limit orders for specific cryptocurrencies. Find this API in the Cryptocurrency category.

IntelOwl Builds solutions to help communities with the generation of threat intelligence data, in a simple, scalable and reliable way. The IntelOwl APITrack this API provides a way to integrate applications and get data from multiple sources with a single API Request. This API is listed under Security.

Terbine is a digital marketplace for physical world data and purpose-built exchange for IoT data. The Terbine APITrack this API provides specifications for interfacing with Terebine marketplace services. The API provides functions for user administration, user profiles, search, schema admin, metadata and more. All data is interchanged via JSON utilizing resources for GET, PUT, POST, DELETE and PATCH. This API is filed under Internet of Things.

Live Universal Awareness Map (Liveuamap) uses AI web crawlers and other tools to aggregate newsworthy links such as conflicts, human rights issues, protests, terrorism, weapons deployment, health matters, natural disasters, and weather related stories into an interactive map. The Liveuamap APITrack this API provides data about events posted on the Liveuamap application. The API and Documentation is available to registered users and returns event description, region, time, image, link source, location, videos and more. This API is listed in the News Services category.

Track news and news data from around the world with Liveuamap API

Track news and news data from around the world with Liveuamap API. Screenshot: Liveuamap

Purple WiFi is a service for managing the guest WiFi experience at a venue, including login methods, splash pages, branding, promotions, and advertising. The Purple WiFi APITrack this API provides access to analytics and navigation services for physical spaces. It includes methods for handling venues, visitors, communications, positioning, micro-surveys, and more. The API is listed in the Wi-Fi category.

Shine.fr is an online bank aimed at freelancers with contract and invoice management. The Shine.fr APITrack this API provides programmatic access to Shine.fr banks accounts, transactions, bank transfers, invoice services, receipt services, user profiles, and company profiles. Find this API in the Banking category.

Cochl. Sense combines audio processing and neural network techniques, and can be used to perform music analysis, understand context, perform speech analysis, and detect sound anomalies. Cochl. Sense API and SDKs enable environmental sound event detection. This platform is able to detect more than 30 sounds such as glass-breaking, clapping, screaming, and dog barks. This API is filed under Audio.

VehicleCRA Vehicle Category Recognition APITrack this API - enables applications to determine if vehicles are in images, and where they are within images. It recognizes ATV, bicycle, big truck, bus, harvesting machine, limousine, locomotive, mini bus, motor cycle, motor scooter, pickup truck, RV, scooter, sedan, sleigh, snowmobile, sport car, SUV, tractor, tram, tricycle, van, and wagon.

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