Daily API RoundUp: Terbine, Nexthink, Liopa, Rev.ai, One Identity

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Authentication and Transcription. Included in this roundup is an API that helps application users to read lips and an API that returns the world's IoT data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Terbine is a digital marketplace for physical world data. The Terbine APITrack this API provides a way to interface with Terbine marketplace services. The API provides methods to retrieve data about IoT services from universities, public agencies, and corporations regarding user administration, user profiles, search, schema admin, metadata and more. This API is listed under Internet of Things.

One Identity features password manager, cloud-based identity governance with Starling Connect, and active roles. The One Identity APITrack this API enables access management, identity governance, and privileged management in applications. The API can be installed into an application server, features REST architecture, and is filed under the Identity category.

HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation Platform. The HousingAnywhere APITrack this API enables data interoperability between HousingAnywhere and its partners. As property managers, developers can use the API to connect an inventory to the HousingAnywhere platform. Bookings take place on the HousingAnywhere platform and the API will ensure that partner systems are updated in real-time, whenever a property gets booked on the HousingAnywhere platform. The API is listed under Housing.

Okay is a PSD2 compliant customer authentication platform. The Okay APITrack this API lets developers call the Okay interface with transaction verification data, which in turn is approved by the customer. Okay features obfuscation, continuous Encryption, and robot detection. The API supports JSON payloads for requests, and responses. It is filed under Authentication.

Okay API

Screenshot: Okay.This

Propeller aims to automate email campaigns, manage pipelines, and integrate real-time sales intelligence. The Propeller APITrack this API can integrate CRM features with Gmail and includes methods for leads, accounts, contacts, tags, tasks, notes, and users. This API is listed in the Email category.

findmassleads enables users to find leads for online B2B sales developers. The findmassleads APITrack this API enables developers to discover tools used on a given website. Discover over 683+ web technologies, SaaS, plugins and apps with this API. Search results include language, tech Stack, global ranking, estimate of monthly tech spend, favicon URL, email addresses, phone numbers, social links. The API allows search by technology or domain. This API is filed in the B2B category.

Sales Layer is a product information manager (PIM) service that enables product organization and analysis. The Sales Layer APITrack this API enables developers to track the quality of sales catalogs. The API tracks table sections (such as formats and products) and channel experience (marketplace, mobile, paper, web). The Sales Layer API is listed under the Products category.

GlobalSign provides identity management solutions for IoT. GlobalSign's IoT CA Direct APITrack this API let's customers integrate to its IoT Identity Platform and connect directly to its Certificate Authority, submit certificate signing requests (CSRs), and receive secure, valid, globally recognized digital certificates that they can then self-manage. The API is listed in the Internet of Things category.

Nexthink provides AI-driven tech support for employees. The Nexthink APITrack this API provides developers with methods for integrating the Nexthink IT support platform with third-party products, including self-service portals or ticketing systems. This API is listed in the Human Resources category.

Liopa technology provides deep learning-based visual speech recognition (VSR) technology that decipher speech from lip movement. The Liopa-LipRead APITrack this API enables applications to read a user's lip movements to verify if they said a sequence of digits. The API is useful for augmenting audio recognition and supporting biometrics. This API is filed under Transcription.

Liopa LipRead Demonstration Video: YouTube/Liopa

Rev.ai provides speech recognition, human transcription, and speech-to-text transcription services. The Rev.ai APITrack this API provides speech-to-text recognition services that can make audio and video content searchable and accessible. Rev.ai automatically adds punctuation and capitalization to transcripts to make them easy to read. It can recognize multiple speakers and attribute text to each. Rev.ai Streaming APITrack this API is a new service that allows real-time audio transcription.

Fritz is an on-device Machine Learning platform (as opposed to cloud-based) that is scalable, secure, and available offline even on airplane mode. The Fritz APITrack this API provides indirect access for several SDKs that can enable mobile applications with functions for object detection, image labeling, image segmentation, and pose estimation. The Fritz API is listed under the Machine Learning category.

Fritz.ai API

Screenshot Fritz.ai

murl APITrack this API creates a short version of a long URL. This API is listed in the URL Shortener category.

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