Daily API RoundUp: Testimonial, isitphish, Waitabit, CDD Vault

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Sustainability, Human Resources, and Drugs. Highlights include an API for open banking, an API for generating fake testimonial data, and an API for adding users to a wait list. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Testimonial APITrack this API offers dummy testimonial data for 10 random users, including user ID, user name, location, designation, avatar, lorem ipsum, actual dummy text message, and rating. The API returns data in JSON format and also returns an AI generated audio file of the testimonial. This API is listed under the Testing category.

Banno is a personal digital banking suite from Jack Henry & Associates, a banking technology provider. Bannon offers all open banking solutions and an APITrack this API with methods to manage account aggregation, accounts, insititutions, OAuth and OpenID, tasks, transactions, and more. Find this API in the Open Banking category.

FingerCheck is an all-in-one HR Platform featuring payroll, time clock, onboarding, expense tracking, benefits and more. The FingerCheck APITrack this API offers data access with functions to get absence reports, paid hours, time card data, PTO, company sync functions, and to manage employee time, direct deposit and other data. Clock Punch Data can also be managed. This API is listed in the Human Resources category.

Offset APITrack this API enables developers to purchase CO2 offsets on behalf of their customers. The API offers methods to calculate CO2 emissions and manage projects for compensation (such as reforestation, solar panels, biodiesel, etc.), and also manage pricing, refunds, and purchases. CO2 footprints for travel, flight, hotel, bus, car, shipping, manufacturing and more. Proceeds go to a user's choice climate organization or technology startups. This API is listed in the Sustainability category.

Waitabit is a Decentralized wait list and referral program. The Waitabit APITrack this API enables developers to integrate with the service, add users to a waitlist, and retrieve waitlist user data. The Waitlist referral program features ranking and social sharing. All data is stored securely using Blockchain technology. The Waitabit API is listed in the Referrals category.

Waitabit API

Screenshot: Waitabit

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) Vault is a cloud-hosted biological and chemical database for drug discovery research. The CDD Vault APITrack this API offers data in JSON format with methods to retrieve projects and datasets, using parameters such as date or timestamp. Find this API in the Drugs category.

isitphish utilizes Machine Learning to detect phishing URLs in real-time. Developers can implement the isitphish APITrack this API to allow applications to detect phishing attacks and protect users from suspicious emails, fraudulent messages, dangerous links and more. It is listed in the Security category.

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