Daily API RoundUp: TheYachtMarket, Illustris Project, SendSmith, Ordermentum

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Healthcare, Open Banking and Boating. Highlights include an API that keeps users up to date about yachts, and an API for efficient food and beverage ordering. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Facturama is a Platform for employee management, reporting, and invoice cloud storage. The Facturama APITrack this API provides invoicing tools for the Mexican market. The API supports endpoints for accounting, invoicing, and payroll. The API returns XML and PDF formatted data, and is listed in the Human Resources category.

Illustris Project is a simulation of galaxy formation. Illustris offers tools to perform analysis on very large files. The Illustris APITrack this API supports search, extract, and visualization endpoints. Data is provided as JSON objects. This service is a combination of high resolution imagery, high total volume capacity, and physical fidelity. The Illustris API is listed under the Astronomy category.

Illustris Simulation provides the most detailed simulation of our Universe. Video: YouTube/Mark Vogelsberger

SanteSuite is a provider of clinical data and infrastructure-as-a-service that combines a robust database information model (HL7), a flexible data repository (CDR), and a robust patient matching solution. SanteSuite APITrack this API enables users to receive healthcare related data with a REST interface. The API offers definitions for metadata exchange, health data services, reporting, and fast health interoperability resources. The SanteSuite API responds in JSON format and is listed in the Healthcare category.

Qapla' is a shipment tracking system that provides printing labels, mail orders, parcel tracking, delivery notifications, and more. The Qapla' APITrack this API is a REST interface that enables shipment management in applications. The API can be used to push shipment data and get channel information associated with the API Key. The Qapla' Webhooks API is also available to enable shipping notifications in applications. Both APIs are listed under the Shipping section.

Open Banking Nigeria provides services to build API standards for the Nigerian financial industry. The Open Banking Nigeria APITrack this API is a specification that enables Nigerian financial institutions to develop API endpoints to integrate with mobile and web applications. Fintech developers can use the API to retrieve Branch information, get ATMs within a geographic location, send feedback to the bank or financial institution and more. It is listed in the Open Banking category.

Open Banking Nigeria provides API for integration

Screenshot: openbanking.ng

TheYachtMarket is a boating industry platform dedicated to help users search and create alerts about their favorite boats. The LiveFeedback APITrack this API displays boat information on third-party applications. The API requires search results and boat details pages in order to work correctly. This API is a SOAP based interface with XML responses and is listed in the Boating category.

Ordermentum is focused on the food and beverage industry, enabling order automation, scheduling, and custom pricing. Ordermentum is a service for wholesale suppliers that facilitates ordering, payment management, and business performance knowledge through insights. The Ordermentum APITrack this API provides indirect access to a Javascript SDK and a Swift SDK for application creation. The API is listed in the Ordering category.

Smoobu offers tools for vacation rental providers. The Smoobu APITrack this API enables access to reservations, rates, apartment IDs, and listing details. Data is available in JSON format. Smoobu functions as a channel manager, reservation system, and booking system and features automatic synchronization, no commissions on bookings, and customized rental homepages. The API is filed under Rentals.

SendSmith is a free email marketing system. The SendSmith APITrack this API is available for third-party developers to manage members, campaigns, interest groups, identities, lists, and more. It is filed under the Email category.

SendSmith features a campaign statistics dashboard

SendSmith features a campaign statistics dashboard. Screenshot: SendSmith

Cloudfax APITrack this API adds fax capabilities to approved third-party applications. This API is capable of sending faxes, sending SMS messages, receiving faxes, and integrating fax related tasks such as displaying fax images and consulting the status of a sent job. The API is filed under the Fax category.

ELCIES Health Data Aggregator APITrack this API enables data collected by different wearable devices and applications. Developers can add fitness, health, and lifestyle services to individual users. It is listed in the Health category.

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