Daily API RoundUp: TikTok, Bank of America, Tinkoff, SafeButler, STFB

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Banking, Insurance, and Real Estate. Highlights include several Bank of America APIs, plus an API for integrating with TokTok social video Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Tinkoff Bank is a full service digital bank with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. The Tinkoff APITrack this API enables access to banking-related information in applications. The API can be used to retrieve orders, portfolio data, market information, and operations. Responses are JSON formatted. This API is listed in the Banking category.

TikTok is a social, short-form video application. The Share to TikTok APITrack this API allows users to add a "Share to TikTok" button to applications, and provides a way to share short-form videos with the TikTok community. The API offers indirect access to NodeJS, iOS, and Android SDKs. It is listed in the Social category.

OptinMonster is lead generation software for marketers. The OptinMonster JavaScript Event service retrieves data to convert visitors into subscribers and customers. Developers can implement analytics, views, events, and optimization with the JavaScript APITrack this API, which provides indirect service from the SDK. This API is filed under Marketing.

Fun Generators Fake Identity Generation APITrack this API provides access to the namegen fake identity generator to provide human names from categories such as Real, User, Elf, Pokemon, Vampire, Superhero, & many others. It also returns random business names for Shop, Hospital, Brewery, place names for School, Street, Town, and many more. The data is randomly accessed and is not a representation of real people or companies. This API is listed in the Names category.

Get random Pirate names with this API

Get random Pirate names with this API. Image: Fun Generators

Crowdz is a business payment and invoicing platform. The Crowdz APITrack this API enables users to manage invoicing data and Blockchain transaction data. This service is built on an Ethereum blockchain-based platform. The API is listed in the Invoicing category.

ATTOM provides real estate and property data solutions. The ATTOM Property APITrack this API retrieves real estate and property data in JSON and XML formats. Property ID, detail, address, and snapshot as well as basic or expanded property profiles are returned with the API. The ATTOM API is listed under the Real Estate category.

Soccers APITrack this API enables JSON information associated with live-scores, leagues, results, player statistics, player profiles, historical data, bookmakers, and In-Play odds. Soccers API features 99.9% availability, accurate statistics, 24/7 support, and a 15-day free trial option. It is listed in the Sports category.

ipify IP Geolocation APITrack this API enables applications to retrieve precise location lookups based on a given IP address. Output is JSON formatted. The API is listed in the Location category.

SafeButler enables users to compare insurance plans based on feedback and ratings. The SafeButler Insurance API provides insurance rate quotes for renters, home, and auto in the USA. API methods are available for retrieving quotes, purchasing policy, and returning lists of policies. The SafeButler API is listed under Insurance.

STFB (Software Technology For Business) offers a full enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system with access to over 400 accounting and ledger functions, and tools for hosted solutions. This platform offers all the standard modules in an ERP system including general ledger, financial statements, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, employee management, and extras like shopping carts, MRP, and CRM. The STFB APITrack this API features REST architecture and JSON responses. This API is listed in the Accounting category.

Bank of America makes APIs available on the Bank of America Merrill Lynch CashPro API Developer Portal. Recently, several Bank of America APIs were added to the Banking category, as listed below.

Bank of America Payments APITrack this API retrieves payment initiations, debtor account, scheme name, currency, institution, payment type, and unstructured remittance. It also initiates a single payment request, deletes a PayPal payment prior to final settlement, obtains the status of a payment request, and responds to a US RTP Request for Information message.

Bank of America Account Balance API retrieves general information for commercial card accounts including current balance, last statement balance and date, credit limit and credit available plus card transaction details.

Bank of America Funds Check APITrack this API retrieves data that determines if the amount requested is available before processing a transaction.

Bank of America Repetitive Payments APITrack this API manages repetitive payment instruction through CashPro Global Payments.

Bank of America Push Notifications APITrack this API enables users to receive notifications about payment requests.

Bank of America Payments Balance and Transactions APITrack this API returns JSON data of balance and transaction inquiries.

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