Daily API RoundUp: Time Trigger, Hi Marley, Waylay, Kevel

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Insurance, and Advertising. Highlights include an API for integrating with job board software and an API for point-in-time triggered alerts. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Hi Marley offers a communications Platform for the insurance industry. The Marley Insights APITrack this API provides programmatic access to a visual insurance data analytics dashboard. The API offers methods to manage message sentiment, open claims, average time to first contact, average survey score, active users, and case status. The API is filed in the Insurance category.

Time Trigger can deliver point-in-time data to an Endpoint. The Time Trigger APITrack this API can deliver data to backend services at unpredictable timepoints. For example, sending a reminder 24 hours after an item is sold from an online store. The API is filed under Time.

EjobSiteSoftware offers job board software, job site software, and applicant tracking system. EjobSiteSoftware APITrack this API allows Integration with EjobSiteSoftware.com with external web applications. Retrieve job seeker resumes, job seeker information, update job seeker registration, job application data and more with the API, which is listed in the Jobs category.

Kevel provides API methods for developers to customize and integrate with online ad servers. The Kevel Management APIsTrack this API include methods to create and manage advertisers, campaigns, flights, creatives, ads, geo-targeting, flight categories, inventory, reporting, site targeting, zone targeting, RTB endpoints, and creative templates. The Kevel Decision APITrack this API offers methods to make ad requests without using ad code. It includes a placement methods for slots where ads will be served. Kevel was previously known as Adzerk. Both APIs are listed in the Advertising category.

T.ly enables users to shorten URLs, and to track, brand, and share them easily. The T.ly APITrack this API offers methods to shorten a link with a custom domain, or expand a link, and retrieve stats such as browsers, referrers, platforms, and other data. The API is listed in the URL Shortener category.

Waylay is an automation and analytics platform for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and (IoT). The Waylay REST APITrack this API enables developers to integrate with the platform, using methods to manage tasks, batch task operations, templates, plugs (sensors, actuators and transformers), Node related calls and real-time data. This API is listed in the IIoT category.

Waylay API

Screenshot: Waylay

Alerting Hub is a mass notification plaform for unified alerting. The Alerting Hub Store Content APITrack this API allows developers to upload either alerts, recipient lists or content data and store directly onto the encrypted system. The stored items are then used when sending alerts instead of specifying all the details in the API call. The Alerting Hub Batch Send APITrack this API allows users to send multiple, different, alerts at the same time. Both APIs are listed in the Notifications category.

Index of Sciences is a database which provides health & nutritional related articles. The Index of Sciences APITrack this API offers data from the website with methods to retrieve and manage article URL, views, shares, social counts, title, content, excerpt, author, comment status and more. Find this API in the Health category.

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