Daily API RoundUp: Tinybird, Mediamodifier, Speed Proxies, TheRainery

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Conversions, Cloud and Transportation categories. Included is an API for solving Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) and an API that offers access to residential proxy pools. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Tinybird provides tools for developers to build data-driven real-time applications. Tinybird APITrack this API offers methods to manipulate data including Datasource API to import Data, the Pipes API to transform data and publish the results through API endpoints, and the Query API to run arbitrary queries. The Tinybird API is listed in the Data category.

TrueWay VRP APITrack this API solves Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), which is finding optimal routes for multiple vehicles visiting multiple locations with business-specific considerations such as vehicle limitations, cost controls, time windows, loading time, etc. This API is listed in the Transportation category.

PrintCSS Cloud APITrack this API is a HTML to PDF conversion service. This is a secure, end-to-end service with different priced packages. A playground is provided for testing out conversions and renderings. The API is listed in the Conversions category.

PrintCSS Cloud API

Screenshot: PrintCSS Cloud

Speed Proxies provides residential, mobile, and data center proxies. The company offers its Standard Residential Reseller APITrack this API to anybody needing access to residential proxy pools. The Speed Proxies API is fully ready for reseller needs, and developers can build their own dashboard with the API according to their own requirements. Methods are available to retrieve reseller account information and manage users. Developers must contact the provider for API access. The API is listed in the Networking category.

Mediamodifier is an online mock up generator with templates. The Mediamodifier Mockup APITrack this API enables access to 2400 online mock ups or allows uploading of custom templates. The API returns detailed information about mock ups, including customizable layers, colors, placeholders, etc. and returns a high resolutions image of mock up. The API is listed in the Design category.

Mediamodifier API

Screenshot: Mediamodifier

TheRainery APITrack this API provides access to raw weather forecasts from trusted Meteorological Institutes including NOAA, Météo France, DWD. The API offers methods to retrieve atmospheric forecasts, marine forecasts, and astronomical data. Find this API in the Weather category.

AnySQL Connector APITrack this API enabled developers to connect to any kind of SQL Database Management Systems. The service currently supports MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, CockroachDB, IBM DB2, and PostgreSQL. It is listed in the Database category.

Unelma Cloud is a cloud storage provider. The Unelma Cloud APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the service, with methods to manage uploads, folders, entries, users and sharing, starred content, shared links and more. The Unelma API is listed in the Cloud category.

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