Daily API RoundUp: TomoChain, OpenPayd, Soundtrap, Learnifier

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Music, and Insurance. Highlights include an API that can recognize face masks on humans in photos, and an API for dental insurance eligibility data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Soundtrap is an online music studio featuring automation, auto-tune, amplifier, loops, presets, patterns beatmaker. The Soundtrap APITrack this API enables users to integrate web content with audio services. Users can import audio files, Soundcloud files, midi files, to use with Soundtrap. This API is listed in the Music category.

Soundtrap API for music studio integration

Screenshot: Soundtrap

Flexera provides IT management software, optimization and other solutions. The Flexera Usage Intelligence Reporting APITrack this API retrieves reporting data for developers who build their own IT dashboards, charts, and raw data for businesses. The API can also be used to export data and statistics out of the Usage Intelligence servers for archiving or custom processing by other solutions. Find this API in the Business category.

Maskerizer Face Mask Detection APITrack this API from DE VIS Software is capable of detecting various masks on human faces. The API returns JSON responses containing photo predictions with probability percentage of 50% or more. The API supports unobstructed JPEG photos at full HD resolution (1920x1080). This interface could be used to check if people are wearing masks in restaurants, malls, closed spaces, airports and other places during pandemics.

This API may be used in applications to detect if humans have appropriate masks on their faces. Video: YouTube/ SkyExpression.ro

OpenPayd provides banking and payment solutions for businesses. The OpenPayd REST APITrack this API integrates payment services into applications. Methods are available to create and manage currency accounts, list balances, list balance histories, and more. This API is filed under Payments.

Onederful is a dental insurance eligibility API. The RESTful APITrack this API enables developers to receive eligibility and benefits information from dental insurance companies, including subscriber, dependent, provider, payer, and procedure codes plus lists of payer ID and names. It is listed in the Insurance category.

Learnifier APITrack this API enables users to connect the Learnifier course creation tool with other tools, such as CRM or Learning Management Systems. Methods are available for managing users, projects, organization units, course designs and more. This API is listed in the Education category.

SpectroCoin, part of Bankera, invites developers to create applications to buy, send, and sell Bitcoin and other currencies including Ethereum, Nem, and Dash. The SpectroCoin Bitcoin APITrack this API provides exchange, wallet, debit card, and payment processor data in JSON format. The API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Spectrocoin API

Screenshot: SpectroCoin

TomoChain is a scalable Blockchain smart contract Platform. With TomoChain APITrack this API, developers can access accounts, currency, tokens, markets, contracts, transactions, signers, and schemas information to build financial and currency applications. This API is also listed under Cryptocurrency.

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