Daily API RoundUp: TrueConf, DataForSEO, Rapyd, AcceleratXR, Labguru

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Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including WebRTC, Financial, and Security. Highlights include several APIs for SEO analysis including SEO for products on Amazon and Google Shopping and an API that returns cocktail data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


OptimalShip provides intelligent supply chain services. The Optimal Ship APITrack this API enables application users to engage with international shipping features including weight calculation, area service, correct handling, and fee summary. The API is listed in the Shipping category of ProgrammableWeb.

Cocktails APITrack this API provides a dataset of cocktails & drinks from all over the world. Filters available include name, description, ingredients, categories, timing, IBA, rating, and random. This API is filed under Alcohol.

Yubico offers physical keys to login securely to computers, servers, mobile devices, and internet accounts. Yubico's YubiKey delivers strong hardware protection across IT systems and online services. The Yubico YubiAuth APITrack this API enables developers to manage YubiKey security keys, users, attributes, and sessions. Find it in the Security category.

Yubico protects remote workers by securing devices

Yubico protects remote workers by securing devices. Image: Yubico

ReturnPath from Validity provides email deliverability and optimization features. The Return Path APITrack this API returns JSON data about email validity, email client monitoring, seed lists, and blacklists. This API is listed in the Email category.

Labguru is an all-in-one electronic laboratory notebook solution that provides intellectual property protection, built-in inventory management, and compliant data storage. The API Track this APIenables developers to access and manage projects, experiments, sections, folders, protocols, datasets, and reports. It is listed in the Science category.

AcceleratXR is an online gaming Platform that features Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The AcceleratXR Core SDK is used by game clients and applications to access AcceleratXR services. This APITrack this API is accessible indirectly from SDKs in various programming languages. It is listed under Augmented Reality.

AcceleratXR provides a demo of its online dashboard and administration console

AcceleratXR provides a demo of its online dashboard and administration console. Image: AcceleratXR

RudderStack is a customer data platform that enables the processing and routing of event information from applications and websites to data warehouses and cloud services. The RudderStack APITrack this API allows developers to track customer data from any integrated application. RudderStack supports multiple sources and destinations, data governance, and data transformations. Find this API in the Integration category.

Rapyd is a global Fintech-as-a-Service company. Rapyd Payments provides a way to manage transactions in the Rapyd Payments service. The Rapyd Global Payments Network is based in the U.K. but supports more than 900+ payment methods in over 100 countries. Some Rapyd APIs were recently added to our Financial category and are listed below.

Rapyd Payments APITrack this API provides a way to manage transactions to; Collect payments, Disburse funds, Manage Rapyd Wallets and others.

Rapyd Point-of-Sale APITrack this API provides methods for handling cash at Rapyd POS locations and includes methods for managing sessions, deposits, and withdrawals. This Rapyd API is a commercial platform that is relevant to Rapyd partners, for ATMs and other retail locations that handle cash transactions.

Rapyd Wallet APITrack this API provides services to create a Rapyd Wallet, change or modify a Rapyd Wallet, retrieve the details of a Rapyd Wallet and more.

TrueConf provides UltraHD video conferencing software that works on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android systems. Two TrueConf APIs were added to the WebRTC category.

TrueConf Server APITrack this API allows developers to control TrueConf servers remotely using simple REST calls. It can be used to manage users and address books, control groups and permissions, and manage in-conference participation and invitations. It can also schedule, launch, and terminate conferences.

TrueConf Terminal Management APITrack this API allows developers to integrate video conferencing capabilities into their hardware or software solutions. This API can control devices that capture and output video and audio content. It can also manage video layouts, participant lists, and participant roles as well as record conferencing sessions.

DataForSEO helps SEO-software companies to get accurate SEO-data through APIs. Several APIs were added to the SEO category and are listed below.

DataForSEO Labs APITrack this API helps building a powerful research tool with related, similar, suggested, and ranked keywords. With the API, get a mosaic of useful keywords assembled from four different data-mining algorithms.

DataForSEO Amazon APITrack this API is designed to provide with Amazon listing results and product info based on the product name or identifier. Use this API to retrieve information about the product prices based on ASIN, track ratings and reviews, get products in search results based on a keyword and more.

DataForSEO Google Reviews APITrack this API is designed to provide with Google reviews data. API provides natural language text, star ratings, reviewers profile, owner's response, and more.

DataForSEO Google Ads APITrack this API provides keyword analysis. Get search volume (SV) data for the last month, search volume trend for the last year (that will let you estimate search volume dynamics), current cost-per-click (CPC) and competition values for paid search from Google Keyword Planner.

DataForSEO Google Shopping APITrack this API provides data essential for optimizing product feeds, researching competitors, and dynamically adjusting ad campaigns. The API enables users to get data on products ranking in search results, get product prices in different stores, track reviews and ratings and more.

Merchant API Google Shopping response examples

Merchant API Google Shopping response examples. Image: DataForSEO


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