Daily API RoundUp: Twilio, Google Fit, Springer, Yext

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including email, Telephony, and Fitness. Highlights today include APIs for Google Fit fitness applications and an API for promoting efficient app energy usage. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Tomorrow is an organization that promotes the efficient use of energy resources. The Tomorrow CO2 Signal API provides a carbon footprint detection mechanism that allows a smart device to consume electricity when the carbon footprint is at its lowest. It provides access to information about the source and production procedures of electricity supply as well as the quantity of carbon attributable to its production. This API is listed under the Energy category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Energy APIs.

Tomorrow's CO2 Signal electricity map
Tomorrow's CO2 Signal electricity map illustrates why carbon footprint efficiency is important Image: Tomorrow

Springer is an international scientific, technical and medical publisher. The Springer Open Access API provides full-text content, metadata, and images for more then 370,000 open access articles from BioMed Central and SpringerOpen journals. The Springer Meta API allows users to retrieve metadata online. It provides new versioned metadata for more than 10 million documents including journal articles, book chapters and protocols. The API is listed under the Reference category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Reference APIs.

The APIMATIC CodeGen API is an automatic code generator for RESTful APIs. This API exposes the access to its underlying code generation engine and currently supports the following format for API descriptions, API Blueprint, RAML, Google API Discovery, IODocs, WADL, and Swagger. Although most API descriptions can be used, not all API descriptions are written well-enough for automatic code generation and may fail the code generation process. For this purpose, they have provided a validation API, which can be used to improve an API description. The Transform API allows users to convert uploaded files, convert files downloaded from description URL and convert an already uploaded API Description to formats of a developer's choice. Outputs includ; API Blueprint, RAML, Google API Discovery, IODocs, WADL, Swagger and more. Both APIs are listed under the API Description Languages category.

Haven on Demand is Hewlett Packard's Big Data API Platform. The Haven on Demand Speech Recognition API allows pplications to recognize speech in video or audio files. integrates the transcript of a text in audio or video file. It is available with HTTP requests, JSON responses, and API Key as Authentication methods. This API is listed under the Natural Language Processing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Natural Language Processing APIs.

The Google Fit SDK has several APIs for developers to build Fitness applications, including:

Google Fit Bluetooth Sensors API balances the energy of a Bluetooth by finding BLE devices. With the API, developers can find available devices, claim a device, and release a device.

Google Fit Sessions API integrates time intervals when users perform a fitness activity. With the API, developers can create sessions in the fitness store using real-time data, data collected using the Sensors API, or data outside Google Fit.

Google Fit History API integrates reading, inserting, updating, and deleting fitness data. Developers can use the History API to read fitness data that was inserted or recorded using other apps, import data into Google Fit, update data in Google Fit, and delete data that an app previously stored in the fitness.

Google Fit Record API allows requesting subscriptions associated with data fitness. With the REST API accessible via OAuth2, developers can subscribe to fitness data, list active subscriptions, and unsubscribe from fitness data.

Google Fit Sensors API available in REST architecture integrates fitness data into applications. It can register listeners to receive raw sensor data and list data sources available on the device and on companion devices.

Email marketing firm VerticalReponse provides a Webhooks API for client applications to create and maintain hook subscriptions through a REST API. VerticalResponse Webhooks implementation supports creating, uploading, updating, and unsubscribing contacts. This API is listed under the Email category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Email APIs.

Twilio's latest API modernizes fax machine communication. Twilio Programmable Fax APIsupports the Integration of fax transmission functionality between apps and fax machines. It allows users to send faxes and access past fax records.

The Twilio Programmable Chat API provides a RESTful interface for integrating cloud-based server side chat functionality in apps. It supports the addition of chat capabilities in web and mobile apps without necessarily constructing real-time backend service. The API’s webhook events functionality provides mechanisms for monitoring and filtering specific backend service events using chat event callbacks.

Twilio APIs are listed under the Telephony category. For more about Twilio's API strategy, see Twilio's Top 3 Tips For Building APIs So Developers Actually Use Them.

Yext helps companies manage their location listings online. The Yext Webhooks API allows developers to set up webhooks to receive updates on changes to locations and listings. It provides programmatic control of a brand's knowledge, the people who manage it, and the places it appears to consumers. Use the API to manage reviews, listings status, and more. The Yext Webhooks API is listed under the Webhooks category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Webhooks APIs.

Yext API gives updates of listings changes
Yext API gives updates of listings changes on the above applications Image: Yext


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