Daily API RoundUp: Twitter, Browzwear, Signable, SimFin

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Video, Electronic Signature and Social. Highlights include the Twitter V2 API and an API for returning financial data about businesses. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Twitter has made V2 of the Twitter APITrack this API available in pre-release. It includes functions to specify data fields, plus added objects including mentioned accounts in Tweets, tagged places, quoted and replied-to Tweets, attached media, poll results and pinned Tweets. It also offers public and private Tweet metrics, insights on topics, and improved conversation tracking. This version will replace the standard v1.1, premium v1.1, and enterprise APIs in the future. Specific updated methods include Tweet lookup, recent search, filtered or sampled stream, user lookup and more. This API is listed in the Social category.

Browzwear provides 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry. The Browzwear APITrack this API gives partners plugin access to the software with methods for asset management, techpack, outputs, garment creation, colorways, smart design, and costing. Browzwear enables users to digitize their apparel workflow with true-to-life 3D. Find this API in the Clothing category.

Browzwear API
Screenshot: Browzwear


Signable is a UK based electronic signature provider. The Signable APITrack this API can be integrated with applications to send documents quicker, save time when managing documents, pull data into Signable from a user's own CRM, and send higher volumes of documents. The Webhooks APITrack this API provides notifications for actions performed such as send envelope, signed envelope, cancelled envelope, opened envelope, added user, added template, and more Signable APIs are listed in the Electronic Signature category..

SimFin leverages Machine Learning to make financial data available to investors and other interested parties. The SimFin APITrack this API enables users to integrate the data with methods for general company information, share price data, fundamentals, shares outstanding a POST method to search the database. SimFin is short for "Simplifying Finance". This API is listed in the B2B category

Rddown APITrack this API is an in-browser Reddit Video Downloader Web Service. It enables users download videos found on Reddit. To use the API, provide a valid URL and Rddown will extract the media and make it downloadable. Currently, Rddown supports images, animated gif, and videos download functions. The API is under the Video category.

TransIP is a domain provider focusing primarily on the needs of power users and domain resellers. The TransIP APITrack this API allows users to fully automate their interaction with TransIP, including services such as checking and registering domains, changing domain settings, ordering web hosting, and looking up domain details. TransIP API is filed under Domains.

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