Daily API RoundUp: Variety, EcoMatcher, Everbase, AgWorld, Rocket Sign

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Sustainability, Contracts, and Law. Highlights include APIs that allows application users to gift tree planting for reforestation, and an API that provides law compliant electronic signature functions. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Variety Business Intelligence from Penske Media is the paid digital products arm of Variety (as in Variety Magazine). The company's Variety Insight APITrack this API enables developers to access metadata of the global entertainment industry. The API offers information required to run applications, discovery engines, streaming services, and analysis tools. This REST interface provides data associated with film festivals, talents, company contacts, awards, and events. It is listed in the Entertainment category.

EcoMatcher lets users request tree planting as an addition to checkout payment. The EcoMatcher TreeManager APITrack this API integrates data about automated tree gifting. The API provides methods to get tree data such as farmer name, tree name, company name, company URL, company image, tree latitude and longitude based on SKU, or Gift Code. It is listed in the Sustainability category.

EcoMatcher API

Screenshot: EcoMatcher

Everbase is a GraphQL enabled knowledge base for developers. The Everbase GraphQL APITrack this API enables mutable queries for common data sets and utility functions. The API returns information associated with IP addresses, currencies, languages, and markdown conversions. Everbase offers a free plan with community support. The API is filed under Application Development.

Health Street provides workforce screening, including DNA testing, drug testing, and background check services. The Health Street REST APITrack this API allows a company to easily register staff or applicants for drug tests and background screening services from within their own HRIS or other custom human resources applications. It is filed under the Background category.

DigitalHumani's RaaS (Reforestation-as-a-Service) APITrack this API enables developers to access reforestation projects from different countries and integrate them with their applications. Developers can specify the action that will trigger the request to plant a tree (such as buying a game, or subscribing to online billing). Developers will be billed $1 per tree by trusted reforestation organizations (One Tree Planted, WeForest or TIST), and receive a monthly invoice and report. The API is also listed in the Sustainability category.


Screenshot: DigitalHumani

Rocket Lawyer provides affordable online legal services, free legal documents, and legal advice. The Rocket Sign APITrack this API provides electronic signature Integration into mobile and web applications. The API enables users to send and sign primary and supporting documents in a single request. Methods are available for email invites to the service, creating binders, uploading documents, and more. This API is filed under Law.

Off Chain Data is a tamper-proof digital agreements development service. The Off Chain Data APITrack this API simplifies smart contract integration with methods for date, authorization, holidays, locations, and more. It can be integrated natively with public Blockchain protocols like the Ethereum, Bitcoin, Rootstock, EOS mainnets and testnets, and is useful with the Provable Oracle service. It is filed under Contracts.

Agworld is a farm management Platform. The Agworld APITrack this API retrieves collaborative farming solutions for farmers and agronomists. Data available in read-only mode includes farms, fields, seasons, collections, and companies. Developers can can implement chemical costs, cropping methods, fertilizer costs, harvested areas, plant spacing, seed costs, and yield price into applications. This API is listed in the Agriculture category.

AgWorld API

Screenshot: Agworld

Devil Daggers is a first-person shooter video game. The DevilDaggers APITrack this API enables specific game information such as custom leaderboards, deaths, enemies, game versions, spawnsets, and user data. Data is returned as JSON objects. This API is public, and requires no Authentication. It is filed in the Games category.

Devotionalium is an interreligious daily verse provider from Max Melzer, a software developer and theologian. Devotionalium APITrack this API enables users to receive daily Bible verses from the Old Testament, New Testament, and also Quran verses. The API returns the daily verses based on a random algorithm, including book, chapter, text of verse, language. The verses are returned in English, or original Hebrew, Greek and Arabic texts. This API is listed in the Religion category.

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