Daily API RoundUp: Veeam, Speechace, Appdome, Vouchery, Verve

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Astronomy, Backup and Recognition. Highlighted are three new Payments APIs including the Openbucks cash alternative payment service API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Openbucks is a cash alternative to credit cards for online payments. The Openbucks APITrack this API provides a way to retrieve payment data and process payments for Openbucks, an online payment service. Use it to enable transactions, retrieve a list of gift cards, get transaction details. The API is listed under the Payments category.

Openbucks API available for cash payments

Screenshot: Openbucks

Afterpay is a service for buying retail goods on credit in four equal, interest-free installments. The Afterpay API returns payment configuration data in JSON format. With the API, developers can implement amounts, orders, payment ranges, and models. This API is also listed in the Payments category.

TransferMate is another new listing in our Payments category. The TransferMate Payments APITrack this API returns JSON responses for banking and payment transactions. Methods are available to lock in a real-time exchange rate, make a payment, obtain and book a payment with a currency rate, authorize or cancel payments, and more.

Solar System OpenData APITrack this API returns astronomical data in JSON format. With the API, developers can implement data about solar system objects, orbitals, physicals, atmosphere, semi-major axis, and planets. The main page shows information in French language. The API is listed under the Astronomy category.

Veeam is a cloud data management service for data backup and recovery. The Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager RESTful APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager's objects. Developers can query objects and perform basic operations on them. This API can be used to restore objects or a full VM or anything in-between. It is listed in the Backup category.

Speechace provides speech recognition services to aid in learning languages. The Speechace API uses speech recognition to score pronunciation and fluency, and can evaluate a student utterance and return a pronunciation score and detailed word, syllable, and phoneme level score plus feedback to identify mispronunciations. For longer speech, the API also returns a speaking fluency score and estimated International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE) Speaking scores. The Speechace API is listed under the Recognition category.

Video: Speechace/Vimeo

SMS DOVE API provides a way to send and receive text messages with an Android phone This API supports; SMS sending, SMS bulk sending, SMS sending status Callback, SMS receiving callback and more. It's listed in the Messaging category.

Vouchery is a coupon and promotion automation API. Developers can use it to run promotional campaigns, use coupons, add loyalty point services, retrieve customers behavioral information, and more. The service includes an engine to define rules based on basket data, customer history or anything else, and give different types of rewards to customers. The Vouchery API has been added to the Coupons category.

Innovaccer is a healthcare technology company. The Innovaccer InAPI enables compliant healthcare interoperability with a RESTful service for interaction between third-party applications and EHRs. It supports FHIR and real-time data exchange in a JSON format. This API includes endpoints for chart retrievals, digital health, patient health records, provider decision support and more. This API is filed under the Healthcare category.

Innovaccer API

Screenshot: Innovaccer

CurrencyStack API allows developers to get real-time exchange rates for 154 currencies. Results are returned in JSON format. Currency data is sourced from quality financial data providers, commercial sources, and banks. This API is listed in the Currency category.

ReviewPro provides ratings for more than 55,000 hotels worldwide. The ReviewPro API allows users access to review data. The API provides lodging GRI and source rating indexes, average scores, GRS rating indexes, lodging rating distribution and more. It is filed under the Hotels category.

Verve is a location mobile marketing Platform. Verve AdCel API enables mobile websites and client applications to serve advertising to mobile users. The API enables video tag Integration for VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) compliant videos, and banners. The Verve AdCel API is listed under the Advertising category.

Appdome is a service for adding mobile security, app-shielding, Authentication, identity, mobility, analytics, and more to Android and iOS applications.

Appdome Upload REST API allows developers to automatically upload multiple apps at once to their Appdome accounts without having to use the Appdome site. Developers will need an Ideal Appdome account, Appdome-DEV access, and an API Token.

Appdome Build REST API allows developers to automate building their mobile app, whether that app was uploaded via the Upload API or the Appdome platform. This API makes it possible to automate deployment and CI/CD ( Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) workflows.

Appdome-DEV Build to Publish API allows developers to automate the build-to-publish life cycle of their mobile app. This API can be used to upload, Fuse, add Context, and sign an app.

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