Daily API RoundUp: Volvo, Alpha News Stream, Chatwee, Coworker, Pimcore

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Auto, Remote Workforce and News Services. Highlights include an API from Volvo, and API for patent search, and an API for superhero search. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Volvo has recently launched a Developer Portal for developers. The Volvo Extended Vehicle APITrack this API enables developers to create third-party applications using Volvo automobile data, LiDAR specifications, and more. Methods are available to retrieve data about vehicle lists, odometer, car locked status, door open status, hood and tailgate status, window open status and more. The API is compliant with ISO 20078-1:2019 and is listed in the Auto category.

Volvo Extended Vehicle API

Screenshot: Volvo Cars

Chatwee is a chat Platform for remote workgroups and online communities. The Chatwee APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically interact with the service, using methods to manage single sign-on (SSO), chat rooms, users, and reporting. This API is listed in the Remote Workforce category.

Coworker is a global community of 15,000+ coworking spaces in 172 countries. The Coworker APITrack this API offers data from the coworking spaces, with methods for retrieving workspace name & id, geocoordinates, address, city, state, country, image, URL, day price, week price, month price, currency, description, star rating, reviews, max capacity, private rooms and more. The data can be delivered in XML, CSV, or JSON formats. Endpoint is provided upon API partner approval. This API is also listed in the Remote Workforce category.

Superhero Search APITrack this API returns information available about a superhero. Data includes appearance, gender, biography, aliases, alter egos, name, place of birth, publisher, connections images and more. Search using hero name, real name, or a unique id with this API. API is from developer Akash Joshi. This API is listed in the Entertainment category.

Lens.org offers free, open, patent and scholarly search services. The Lens Patent APITrack this API offers intellectual property, life sciences (and gene sequence analysis), research and development, and business strategy patent data. Accessible content includes over 127 million total patent records using 120 search fields The Lens Patent API allows users to combine and perform several search operations to programmatically retrieve results. It is listed in the Patents category.

Alpha News Stream APITrack this API offers a curated Feed of headlines sourced from 350+ financial, business and stock news sites. News sources are human-curated and regularly updated. Data returned includes publication, headline, date, time, source, URL, images, tags, summary, and paywall, editorial types (news categories), video, podcast, blog, and topics. This API is listed in the News Services category.

Better Meta is an APITrack this API that allows users to quickly and easily Fetch any site's meta tags in a digest-able JSON format. A given URL is responded with JSON formatted meta information. Better Meta is built on AWS' Lambda. The API is filed in the Metadata category.

NetworkCalc APITrack this API offers methods for IPv4 subnet calculations, DNS, website security, and binary calculations. The API is useful for system administrators, network administrators, developers, and home network users who need to perform network calculations for subnets and convert between binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and octal. It's helpful to verify website DNS records, including SPF, and SSL certificates. It is listed under Networking.

Pimcore is an open source data and experience management platform for enterprise. The Pimcore APITrack this API offers programmatic access to Product Information Management (PIM) services with GraphQL. Query and manage documents, digital assets, data objects, products, events, custom queries with this API, which is listed in the Digital Asset Management category.

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