Daily API RoundUp: VPNAPI, HypeAuditor, CloudCulate, Qwilr, eDRV

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Restaurants, and Mapping. Featured is an API for turning spreadsheets into APIs, an API for gathering data about social media influencers, and others. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


VPNAPI.io is an APITrack this API service that prevents fraud, spam, and attacks on your website or service. VPNAPI provides network and location information on an IP address whose specialty is to identify if an IP is a threat by determining if the IP address is either a proxy, VPN, or Tor Node. Find this API in the Security category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

HypeAuditor audits social media influencers. The HypeAuditor APITrack this API provides tools to discover and compare influencers on Instagram and YouTube, verify the authenticity of their accounts, and track the results of influencer marketing campaigns. All services are based on AI algorithms that identify behavioral patterns. This API is listed in the Social category.

HypeAuditor API

Get data analysis for TikTok, YouTube and Instagram influencers via this API. Image: HypeAuditor

We Can Track allows users to automatically place a trackable Sub ID in affiliate links to attribute affiliate conversions to click data and access the data in dashboards. The reporting APITrack this API enables users to collect matched data, gather the data in databases, and use it within applications. Data returned includes transaction, commission, advertiser, conversion, clickout, network accounts information, and more. This API is listed in the Marketing category.

Thought Industries powers learning for business and provides a global B2B customer training Platform. This APITrack this API allows programmatic access to tools and services for the Thought Industries online business learning platform. Methods are available for users, content, panorama, assessment attempts, submissions, external activities and more. Find this API in the Business category.

GrubToGo is a service in which users can enter addresses, pick restaurants and menu items, and enjoy meals delivered to their homes. The GrubToGo Customer Information Manager (CIM) APITrack this API allows users to get customer account information for the GrubToGo restaurant delivery service. SOAP and XML formats are available to implement profiles, shipping addresses, payment profiles, and group requests. This API is listed in the Restaurants category.

CloudCulate provides a REST APITrack this API to communicate with spreadsheets in real-time and consume spreadsheet data for Google Sheets and Excel files. It allows users to integrate spreadsheet data into a wide range of business applications, read, write and calculate data, manage XLSX files, and create REST services to perform tasks and communicate with the CloudCulate Designer. This API is listed in the Spreadsheets category.

Gravity Legal supports business processes that are specific to legal professionals such as demarcation of payments between operating and trust accounts, transfer of funds from trust to operating accounts and trust reconciliation by matter and more. The Gravity Legal APITrack this API is a RESTful service that allows attorneys or firms to bill clients for services rendered or funds designated for a trust or IOLTA account. Find this API in the Law category.

ReviewAPI APITrack this API scrapes structured and normalized reviews data from 30+ platforms including Yelp, Google, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and others to build applications or custom reports. The API is useful for monitoring brand feedback, enriching vendor profiles, and more. Find this API inthe Feedback category.

Project OSRM is an Open Source Routing Machine. The OSRM APITrack this API retrieves routing engine data for the shortest paths in road networks. Features include flexible import of OpenStreetMap data, continental sized networks, and supports bicycle and walk modes. This API is listed in the Mapping category.

eDRV helps developers start, stop, reserve and get transaction information from electric vehicle chargers via an API. The eDRV REST APITrack this API works with any EV charger compatible with OCPP 1.6J or 2.01 and has been tested with more than 30 international Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) vendors. This API is filed in the Auto category.

Image: eDRV

Qwilr enables developers to design interactive, dynamic and mobile-responsive B2B documents such as proposals, quotes, and client updates. The Qwilr APITrack this API provides access to projects, blocks, and content. The API features REST architecture, API Key Authentication, and JSON responses. Qwilr offers templates for reports, project plans, presentations, invoices, and more. This API is listed in the Presentations category.

TriReg is an online event registration service for triathlon events. It provides registration, fundraising, marketing, and analytics tools all in one. The TriReg.com Event Search APITrack this API allows developers to get triathlon event search results in JSON format. These results are similar to the TriReg event calendar. The TriReg.com Event Director APITrack this API allows developers to sign in and retrieve event, category, and registration data for their triathlon events.

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