Daily API RoundUp: Wealthbox, TokenAnalyst, CrimeoMeter, Bespoken, Wakup

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, and Restaurants. Highlights include an API for genotyping and an API for retrieving crime statistics and safety quality by location. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Wealthbox is CRM software for financial advisors. The Wealthbox APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access customer relationship management features for financial applications. It includes methods for contacts, tasks, workflows, events, projects, and notes. It is listed in the Financial category.

CrimeoMeter provides crime data and crime maps for more than 50 cities. The CrimeoMeter Crime Data APITrack this API returns data including incident code, date, description, source, type, location, and more. The API also returns JSON data with safety quality indexes (SQI), statistics, and safety recommendations for a specific location. ​The API is listed under the Crime category.

CrimeoMeter API is available

Screenshot: CrimeoMeter

Gencove is a low-pass sequencing Platform for genome discovery and genotyping. The Gencove REST APITrack this API returns genome information and enables filtering files, downloading analysis results, tracking sample statuses, and automating data delivery. The Gencove API is listed under the Genetics category.

Gyant ENGAGE is an AI-powered healthcare communication platform. The APITrack this API provides indirect access for Android and iOS SDKs that are designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of non-urgent conditions by combining messaging, AI, and medical experts. The API is listed under the Healthcare category.

balldontlie APITrack this API provides JSON formatted data about NBA basketball, including players, teams, games, and statistics. Developers can use the API to retrieve player-specific season averages. The balldontlie API is filed under Sports.

TokenAnalyst is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The TokenAnalyst APITrack this APITrack this API allows developers to get basic transaction data and aggregated on-chain statistics derived directly from the Blockchain. Developers can access fundamentals for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20. They can also access exchange flows for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin, and ERC20. Prices for all supported assets are available in USD. This API is in the Cryptocurrency category.

CoinMetrics provides cryptocurrency asset market and network data. The CoinMetrics APITrack this API returns cryptocurrency data in JSON format for analytics and research. With the API, developers can implement assets, exchanges, markets, metrics, and indexes in addition to trades, values, and quotes. It is also filed under Cryptocurrency.

Mazekine is a crypto-wallet digital transfer platform. The Mazekine APITrack this API allows digital wallets to exchange users' personal information. Developers can implement addresses, disputes, profiles, Webhooks, and models. It is also filed under Cryptocurrency.

Geosys provides satellite remote sensing technology for the agriculture industry. The Geosys Bridge APITrack this API provides programmatic access to Geosys remote sensor data processing tools. The API allows a business to access weather and agriculture imagery from satellite, integrate analytical data, optimize data flow, and filter options for complex requests. Developers need to request access to the API and Documentation. It is listed under Agriculture.

Geosys Bridge API for agriculture data

Screenshot: Geosys

Delivery Hero provides delivery services for 39 countries in 5 continents and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The Delivery Hero Catalog APITrack this API provides information from Delivery Hero's catalog of vendors to prepare orders for delivery services. The API displays data in JSON or CSV format and is listed under the Restaurants category.

Wakup is a marketing platform focused on mobile. Developers can integrate location-based offers displayed by categories. The Wakup APITrack this API is available via SDK to facilitate Integration. It is listed under Marketing.

Bespoken provides tools and testing for voice software like Amazon's Alexa. The Bespoken APITrack this API enables users to interact with end-to-end testing services for voice apps. With the API, developers can implement voice ID, async mode, location, conversation ID, and screen mode. The Bespoken API is listed under the Testing category.

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