Daily API RoundUp: Weavy, Passfort, Tapfiliate, Survicate, Gladly

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Audio, Customer Service, and Compliance. Highlights include an API that returns brand logos and information about brands, and an API that offers clown sound effects. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Brandkey APITrack this API enables users to retrieve information about brands including logos, banners, colors, website categorization, social media profiles, metadata and more. Developers can contact provider for API access and Documentation. This API is listed in the B2B category.

Brandkey API

Screenshot: Brandkey

Survicate is a Platform for collecting customer insights. The Survicate Data Export APITrack this API enables developers to get data about surveys, responses and visitors, and integrate that data into CRM and other applications. Data returned includes name, address, email address, country, website, company, comments, survey answers, survey lists and much more.The Survicate Webhooks APITrack this API offers notifications from the platform about survey question and answer events. Both APIs are listed in the Surveys category.

Gladly is a customer service platform with built-in channels including Facebook Messenger, SMS, email, voice, etc. The Gladly REST APITrack this API enables developers to access and manage communications, conversations, customers, custom reporting, events, exporting file data, inboxes, reports, tasks and more. A Lookup API method enables customer and customer details look ups. The API is listed in the Customer Service category.

Helpmonks is an all in one collaboration email service. The Helpmonks APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the service, with methods to manage the conversations in shared inboxes, create mailboxes, labels, customer records, plus automate workflows with the API. Find the Helpmonks API in the Email category.

Mysmsmantra is an SMS platform based in India The Mysmsmantra APITrack this API enables users to programmatically interact with chat/messaging services. This service also offers an Excel plug in ability to allow users to stay connected with clients or associates & Send SMS online from an excel sheet. It is listed in the Messaging category.

Tapfiliate is affiliate marketing tracking software for eCommerce and SaaS. The Tapfiliate APITrack this API enables users to manage affiliate marketing data using CRUD operations for customers, conversions, commissions, affiliates, affiliate prospects, programs, clicks and payments. It is filed under Marketing.

Passfort offers automated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance services. The Passfort APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the platform with methods to manage profiles, applications, checks, tasks, search, document images, address search, audits, events, tags and more. This API is listed under Compliance.

Weavy is a complete white-label Framework for in-app messaging and collaboration. The Weavy APITrack this API enables developers to embed the services into applications indirectly via JavaScript SDK. Weavy API is listed in the Messaging category.

Pleaseclown.me APITrack this API returns specific or random clown sounds in three different audio formats. Supported file formats are mp3, wav, and ogg. Find this API in the Audio category.

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